So this Summer Ollie (le boyfriend) and I travelled to Croatia for two weeks and oh boy was it perfection. We began our travels in the northern Croatian regions of Istria county. With fantastic travel connections it is so easy to hop from one town to the other by means of their outstanding bus services. For mere pounds it is effortless to travel and you can ride in complete comfort with all buses being kitted out with air con. 

For the first week we stayed in the town of Pula. One of the most popular towns in Istria it is filled with never ending winding lanes brimming with delicious restaurants and Gelato cafes. As for History you could not ask for more  as you will find right in the heart of this beautiful town is the colossal Amphitheatre among other ancient gems. If you fancy going somewhere where you can soak up plenty of history, sunshine and good food then this certainly is somewhere I recommend. With several beaches scattered across the coast which are very tourist friendly you will be able to enjoy endless sunbathing with plenty of activities such as a parasailing, banana boats and jet skis. The beaches in Croatia may be renowned for being rocky but don’t let this put you off if anything it simply adds to the magnificent beauty of Croatia and makes life so much easier when you don’t have to shake sand off yourself constantly.

Next stop was Zadar a huge tourist town in the heart of Croatia. Our visit here consisted of plenty more historic sight seeing, beach going and fine dining. The only difference here is the sheer tourist population here is booming. The streets are hard to wander down at night due to the volume of people but it certainly adds to the atmosphere of being here. Compared to Pula you can certainly explore more night life with plenty of bars open late and beautifully unique clubs embracing the old town.  If you visit Zadar if highly recommend visiting the Cathedral tower which involves about a 5 minute steep climb up some incredibly winding stairs until you reach a great height. It could not be more worth it however as once you reach the top the views are outstanding.

 In terms of Croatia in general if you are looking for somewhere to travel/holiday for a reasonable price whilst taking in plenty of culture, history, beaches and great food then this really is a wonderful place to go to. The average living cost is very cheap with things like breakfast costing around 50p-£1.00. You can grab a coffee for about 99p a bottle of coke for 50p and a nice dinner for around £3.00-£5.00. Buses average at about £1.50 and if you are travelling around Istria you can get around to the other towns for about £3-£5.00. In general I would suggest you could more than easily have a daily living cost of about £15.00 in Croatia which would include breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, travel, and convenience shopping. In my opinion the best time to travel would be July as the weather is fantastic at this time having not quite reached its peak temperatures so not unbearably hot. I couldn’t fault my travels here and Ollie and I will be 100% going back in some point in our lives.

Author: Natasha Todd