My Dad once told me you could live in London your whole life and still never see everything it has to offer. The vastness of London’s wonders stretches beyond all our imaginations and everyday we are all discovering amazing new places.
One of my recent trips down to London was on the May Bank Holiday (so yes this post is totes later than intended) where my boyfriend and I stayed all weekend to enjoy a much needed break away from the quiet life of Suffolk. On the second day we decided to hop on a tube towards the outskirts of NE London to the delights of Walthamstow Central. 
A ten minute wander from the tube station you will find yourself in quite a unique little industrial estate which houses not only this neon wonderment but also a rather funky outdoor ale bar. The premise of God’s Own Junkyard is a colossal collection of neon lights that fills up a vast space of an industrial warehouse. Cool right?
Not only could you spend ages bumbling around looking in amazement but there is also a little cafe area for you to grab a bite (just small food stuffs like fish finger sarnies but yum all the same). 
Has anyone else heard or been to Gods Own Junkyard. What are your thoughts?

Author: Natasha Todd