Photo Credit – Charlotte Bruning Photography

So crazy as it sounds this is the first time I have ever bought anything from Matalan. I mean sure my parents probably bought me some odd bits from there when I was little but I’ve never actually been shopping for clothes there myself. Since moving to our new house though we discovered a Matalan pretty close by which meant it was finally a great time to break my V plates. 
I actually went in there to find some white pumps as I only seem to own black shoes but whilst I was there this pretty little Khaki number caught my eye. It’s actually meant to be a top but it’s totally long enough to be a dress and covers my beehind enough to get away with it. I paired it with these white espadrilles I found which had a little snakeskin print on the toecaps and they worked together perfectly. Teamed with my new sunnies and backpack it was the perfect summer outfit for all this warm weather. An entire outfit for £50 – perfect! 

Box Top (£12.00)


Who else is loving Khaki colours for summer right now?
Tash ♥

Author: Natasha Todd