So designing has never been
perhaps my strongest point. It’s super easy to imagine designs in your head but
when it’s time to put pen to paper I often find it much harder to create that
perfect finished piece you had in your mind. When I was approached by Caseapp to design my own phone case therefore
I was a little apprehensive about how well I was going to do. However the
opportunity to work with such a great brand and the idea of creating my own personalised case was
too much to miss!Not only was I getting to
design my own phone case as well but I also got to create a skin for my
macbook, result! 

process to make your phone case is a very
 one thanks to the well
designed website – you simply can’t get confused. Just head over to the site
and chose whether you want to make a phone case or mac skin. It then gives you
the various different types of phone models you can make your case
for, simply chose your phone and tahdaaah a blank canvas in the shape of
your phone appears ready to be decorated! 

I decided to go for quite a feminine design with a crisp white background as I love clean bright colours. White especially being an absolute fave, it looks so clean and classic when it comes to designs. The LOVE design is actually something I remember once seeing somewhere on a poster, so I tried to recreate my own version using one of my favourite editing apps – PICMONKEY. This app is really great when you want to create letter based art. Once I was happy with the picture it was then super easy to upload onto the phone template. All I had to do was press ‘upload image’ and add my chosen picture. Then you can play around with it until it’s perfectly how you want it. Not only can you add your own images but the site also has its own array of really funky pictures you can use which is under the cliparts section. This is where I got the floral pattern which sits at the top and bottom of my phone case. I was so happy with the results and literally had to spend hardly anytime at all designing this. An absolute dream for someone like me who can take agesss to put things together!
The shipping was super quick and my phone case and skin came within one week which is really great. The quality of the products are also nice and sturdy and look like they will last for a reasonably long time. Altogether I am mega happy that Caseapp and I got to work together on this fun collab and I will fo shooo be using them for all my personalised phone cases in the future!
* This post contains a PR sample / gift 

Valid until August 18th

Has anyone else tried Caseapp, what are your thoughts? 

Author: Natasha Todd