LHAA Chiswick Academy Launch Night

On Wednesday last week I had the
absolute pleasure of attending the launch of a new LHAA (London Hairdressing
Apprenticeship Academy) in Chiswick. I was kindly invited by Holly who works at
Distinctly PR to come and capture some of the best moments of the night. If
this Academy is close by to you I would highly recommend heading over there as
it is a truly fantastic little place!  I
actually used to live next door to Chiswick myself so I am majorly gutted I
will be unable to visit here as much as I once could have!

The concept behind LHAA is providing
places for people to attend dynamic and innovative vocational training courses specialising
mainly in high quality hairdressing. The academies are open to the public to go
and receive treatments and haircuts for a much lower price than usual hair salons,
and although the work is done by an apprentice it is always supervised by
highly qualified hairdressing staff. 

So the night began with a couple
of lovely speeches and much raising of champagne glasses as we got to hear
about the serious hard work and dedication that went into opening this specific
Academy. I don’t know about you, but I always get a tad emotional hearing
speeches like this as I love hearing about people’s passions! 

In the downstairs of the Academy
you will find not only the female and male hairdressing areas but also towards
the back of the space there’s their very own little Nail Salon complete with 5
stations. This of course is a great place for students to learn how to do
natural and artificial nail designs and other such treatments.

Next up was a very special moment
in which we got to watch the fabulous Patrick Cameron at work creating some
beautiful up dos on live models. Patrick is renowned for his expertise in long
hair and his close association with the popular brand Wella. His work was
flawless and he was enchanting to watch! 

After enjoying the speeches and
demonstrations we were taken on a tour of the entire academy which was much
bigger than it first seemed. We ventured upstairs to where the beauty rooms are,
this is where students will get to learn to practise treatments such as facials
and waxing. The rooms where lovely, open and clean and the lighting I have to
say was heavenly! 

The night was so enjoyable and
made even better by great company, I was able to meet two lovely fellow
bloggers Fran and Claudine who run the amazing blogs Franny Mac and
Natures Natural Hair! We had a great laugh together enjoying the music and the
sights of the new academy and also it was great to discuss little blogging tips
amongst each other. This was my first ever blogging event and though I was so
nervous at first these girls made me feel right at home. I can’t wait to go to
some more! I also owe a huge thanks to Holly for inviting me to the event in the
first place and for also making me feel very welcome that night.
Tash ♥

Author: Natasha Todd