So as most of you are aware (as I didn’t stop harping on about it in my recent blog posts) I have been on Holiday recently! My boyfriend and I enjoyed one very warm and sunny week over on the Island of Majorca, where the Sangria flows plentiful and the Palm trees grow in abundance.


We have recently moved in
together and with the pressure of work and then decorating up our new home on
our off days we decided a relaxing break was really in order. Usually I am the
kinda girl who opts for adventure type trips away however this year Ollie won
the decision to have an all inclusive poolside-esque type holiday and to be
honest, I’m pretty glad he did win.



So although I didn’t get to take
many snaps of me perhaps climbing through caves and standing on top of
mountains – I did get many photos of simply
beautiful scenery. Our hotel for one was a haven of Monochrome bliss which is
right up my street and my camera is probably filled with about 75% photos of
the building (insert eye covering monkey emoji here).




This is my first time on an all
inclusive holiday which probably sounds crazy but I had just never really
considered it before. However it seems silly now that I had never tried it as
unlimited food and alcohol is always a good thing. The food was lovely, tasty
and so diverse catering even for people who are gluten and lactose intolerant. As
with most all inclusive the alcohol was for local brands only however you will
find local brands taste just as good as international brands, so there’s no missing out there!



Whilst exploring the hotel one day we wandered down a very hidden away staircase which led to this beautiful indoor pool. Along with it’s own sauna and steamroom this secret little gem was such a great find on our holiday. It felt so private and peaceful away from the hubbub of holiday makers it was blissful to just take an hour to ourselves. Plus I got to take a few sneaky snaps of this fab swimsuit I picked up from Topshop before my holiday!


Last but not least has to be a quick mention of my chosen holiday read. I don’t often take books on holiday as I normally action pack my days out too much to be able to open a book (I’m starting to realise my past holidays sound more like working trips then relaxing breaks) but this year was different! I recently embarked on the journey of the Game of Thrones book series. Being a massive lover of the TV series I decided it was high time to also read the books. So here we are starting with number one, so far it’s proving to be a fantastic read!
My ever so patient boyfriend Oliver has been slowly learning from me how to take the kind of photos I need for my blog and he put his skills to the test on this Holiday (the second picture of me in the black dress was taken by him – proud gf moment). So I can’t wait to share some future posts with you guys of my fave holiday outfits! Keep an eye out on my blog for them or even better you can subscribe to my posts!! 🙂
Has anyone else been on Holiday this year, where have you been?



Author: Natasha Todd