So last week I posted a little
post on my first ever blogging event where I got to attend the launch of a new
hair academy in London! It was amazing fun and it got me really in the mindset
to start trying to get involved with as many blogging social events as I could.
Luckily the very next day I was attending the Jewellery Box launch of their new
personalised line Karma Moments so this was a great way to begin my journey of socialising!!

First of all a huge thank you is
due to the amazing Scarlett of Scarlett London for inviting me and of course
the whole team at Jewellery Box for putting together such a fabulous event. The
afternoon/ evening ended up being a huge success and I’m sure everyone who
attended had a great time!

So the new line Karma Moments is
focused on Jewellery that can capture unique and special moments all within one
necklace. The delicate chain and silver ring is customary with each necklace in
the range but within the ring you will find charms which are aimed to be
personalised to each person’s taste. From Birthstones & Initials to Lovehearts & Flowers the little charms are designed to reflect a special moment
in someone’s life.

For example a Necklace you could choose if you were expecting or had a child would be this beautiful little Babies Foot complete with a Birthstone, a perfect way to encapsulate such an amazing memory. 

The necklace I chose was
something a little more up my street as I am not at that stage of life yet! I decided to go for the family tree charm
complete with my birthstone, a Peridot. Perfection.

An amazing part of the evening was the joy (and a little stress)
in making our very own necklaces. Using tiny little pliers we learnt how to
nimbly piece together the charms onto the silver ring and then onto the chain.
Imagine sweaty foreheads and shaking hands galore! Eventually though we were all left with a lovely delicate piece of Jewellery that we could take home and treasure! Getting to put together our own individual necklaces was such a fun and unique experience, it really made the night!

Here’s a little picture of me super intently watching the lovely Jodie from Jodetopia putting hers together. I was so useless at the start I needed some guidance! 😛

Afterwards the girls had the choice to have a little photo shoot done with their necklaces, however I managed to avoid getting snapped as I became consumed in taking photos (or mainly eating the entire contents) of the super cute sweet goodies stall which had been set up for the night. Laden with Jelly Beans and Marshmallows I was in sweetie heaven. 

With glasses of Champagne ready at hand, plus some amazing bottles of Fine Cocktails which had been kindly provided – the drinks were flowing and so was the laughter and chat. It was so great to meet some fellow bloggers, and the event had been beautifully put together.

…and here it is! The finished product, my Karma Moments necklace! I was so chuffed with how it came together and looked at the end, it really is a lovely way of capturing a special moment to keep forever.

The jewellery pieces range from around £20-£40 which is also very affordable when it comes down to items that will hold special meaning to you for the rest of your life!

*This post contains a PR/Gift sample – all thoughts however are completely my own

Has anyone else tried anything from Jewellery Box. What are your thoughts on the Karma Moments range?

Author: Natasha Todd