October is definitely proving to
be a busy month so far with events happening left right and centre. I’m
currently learning to drive at the moment and also y’know it’s Halloween soon
so major costume plotting is pretty time consuming…
I have managed to squeeze another
beauty review in however so it looks like I might be getting better at time
management *touch wood don’t wanna jinx myself now*
At the start of October I
attended a beauty blogger awards event in London which comprised of awards…obviously
and also getting to meet amazing brands who were looking to work with beauty
bloggers. It was such a great opportunity and it also meant I FINALLY got to
meet the lovely people over at Nouveau Lashes. I love getting to put faces to
names and as I speak to Emma and Beth all the time over email it was great to
meet them in real life!

For those of you who haven’t
tried Nouveau yet, in a nutshell they are an amazing cruelty free brand who
specialise in the eyelash side of life. From treatments you can have to
products you can buy, this brand covers a huge variety of eyelash essentials!
Not only this but they also run the #LASHGANG which is a fab way for beauty
bloggers to work with them, trying out products and reviewing them on their
blogs. Check out my first ever review of them here!

 This month I am trying out two of
their treatment products – the Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum and the EyeMake-up Remover. I have only just received these two products so it’s still
early days on my opinions of them, this post is really to just outline what
they are and basically document the beginning of my journey!



This is a revamped and
improved formula of their previous conditioning serum. Designed to nourish and
protect your lashes and brows, it is packed full of anti-oxidants which help deflect
the day to day damages your lashes can face. My current routine at the moment
Before Bed
As part of my night time routine
after removing all my makeup I will then apply my night time lotions and potions
which include the conditioning serum. I like putting this on before I go to
sleep as it gives it plenty of time to soak in and nourish away!
When I wake up I stick to a
pretty similar routine to my night one. I will do my basic face washing and
moisturising and now on top of this I will add some more conditioning serum. I
bike to work every day which means I don’t apply makeup until I get to work.
This gives me a great half an hour window to just wear the serum on my lashes
and let it nourish away whilst I’m biking. It also acts as a great primer
for my mascara when I do then get to work and put my face on!
I am excited to see how I get on
with this serum for the next month as my lashes at the moment are quite short and
lack volume. So if this product works I will be pretty chuffed to have some
better lashes!




In terms of the makeup remover luckily
it’s much easier to tell the results of the product as its pretty instantaneous!
Just apply remover to a cotton pad, gently work around your eye area and hey
presto – makeup gone.
With us all realising that makeup
wipes are a thing of the past and definitely not good for your skincare I
sometimes find it hard to find an option which is just as easy as a wipe.
Makeup can be so hard to remove, especially around the eyes and I hate spending
ages before bed trying to get it off my face.
This product however has made
such an improvement on my routine as it takes seconds to remove that stubborn
eye makeup and then I am free to wash my face with some Micellar water and
apply my lotions. Plus there is plenty in the bottle which makes it such an
affordable option as I can see this lasting me quite some time. Happy days.


Basically this was meant to be a
nice short run down of the products – getting ready to give a big review in a
month’s time however I seemed to have waffled on for ages, classic me. Look out
next month for my post to see how I got on!

*This post contains a PR/Gift sample – all thoughts however are completely my own

Has anyone else tried
any Nouveau Lashes products?


Author: Natasha Todd