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It’s been such a long time since my last beauty review – this is well overdue! I am so happy to be writing this up though as I always find beauty posts so satisfying to produce. Does anyone else find this?! I think it’s maybe the whole process of putting the photos together and then getting to waffle on for ages about a product you love…

Recently, I was super lucky to receive this beautiful Urban Decay palette from my parents as a birthday gift which I was over the moon about. Consisting of 20 stunning shades the Palette is a limited edition number consisting of a collection of Urban Decay’s best eye shadow shades. With some of their absolute classics from back in the day to a handful of some of their very latest colours the palette boasts a wide range of spectacular hues. 
The packaging is a rather glitzy looking number with vibrant purple faux gemstones set deep into a matte black case, the palette is certainly eye-catching to say the least! However the polished black finish doesn’t tend to last that long as I noticed after some use that finger marks showed up easily. Regardless of that one downside though, the quick to open push button makes up for this as its quick open springing action is great.
Starting the palette is this lovely greyish-beige matte which quickly became one of my favourites! A great base colour I like to use this as one of my starting colours for all over the lid before adding and blending others on top.  
This is the only glitter shadow in the palette and as you can see from my swatch it has quite prominent white/silver glitter particles mixed into a matte black shadow. A great colour for this coming Halloween! 
This colour is pretty colour as it is a very luminous white which shifts its colours in different angles. It has quite bluey/violet tones within the shade which help shift the colour.  
Another personal favourite here, especially for Autumn – this dusty red has been my go to for the outer corners of my eyes. 
Lastly in this line is a very shimmery shade which is described as a pink champagne colour. A nice colour I’ve found for the tearducts. 
Next up on the second line is this deep midnight-ish blue shade which has a metallic hue. I haven’t used this colour much yet but love the idea of creating some great looks for winter with it. 
The first of some of the satin shades, this colour glimmers with rich silver tones. 
This is another of the matte shades in the palette which is a lovely soft pink/taupe colour. 
A very vibrant shiny pink, this shade has a lovely pearly gleam to it. 
Another shimmery shade finishes up this line filled with almost khaki green hues and lots of shine. 
I LOVE the names of the colours in this line. First up is smog which is quite a copper shade packed full of shimmer! 
Quite a mermaid colour, this greeny/blue is prominently matte but does have some green shimmer to it too.  
As you might tell from the swatch above this is a very satin purple – I just love the vibrant hues of this shade. 
This is a much more gentle purple compared to Freakshow with gentle lilac tones and a nice shimmer. 
Last up is this yellow/ lime green shimmer which has a really lovely light shine to it. Another great colour for Halloween I think!
This colour is certainly a bloggers dream! For all you rose gold lovers out there (meeeee) this shade is a lovely metallic number in the palette.  
This bright blue shimmery shade is so enchanting with its shifting violet tones. 
GOLD. ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOUR SOUL! Guys I love gold, and this shade is bursting with bright metallic shimmery goldness. I love it.  
Another quick favourite of mine, this lovely satin brown shade is a perfect contestant for Autumn eye looks. I love adding this in my out corners as it really accentuates my eye shape.  
Very last but not least – this photo makes it look very white in the swatch however I would describe more as a matte beige peach colour. 
  • Nice push button on the case which makes it quick and easy to open
  • Huge range of vibrant colours 
  • The palette features the UD Pigment Infusion System which carries a new agent that makes the shadows much more buttery, pigmented and long lasting
  • The shades are so easy to blend and hardly crease  
  • The case can become pretty dirty quickly and fingerprints easily show against the matte black
  • The price is a little out of my usual budget range however because you get so many amazing colours and the palette is a variety of old and new colours from Urban Decay it makes it a worthwhile purchase. 
Last up I have added a wee picture of myself sporting one of my Autumnal looks I created with this Palette. Using Suspend as a base colour then blending Smog into the crease, Moonflower along my brow bone and Twice Baked in the outer corners. 
Foundation // Revlon Photoready 
This palette is available at Debenhams or Urban Decay Online for £43.00 
Has anyone else tried the UD Palette, what are your thoughts? 

Author: Natasha Todd