So it’s official. Winter is coming. Queue genuine tears as we say goodbye to the all too brief moments of sunshine. Over the Summer I enjoyed several trips and events, however sometimes I find I don’t often take enough photos or find enough time to compile a blog post on those certain events, so with my brain whirring away I came up with an idea to throw it all together in one giant roundup post! Huzzah.
The start of Summer saw my Boyfriend and I move into our first home together. After 6 years (with a few on off long distance moments in between) we decided it was high time we took the next step! I have been saying for a while now I will do a home tour post but being the perfectionist OCD freak I am I refuse to take any photos until the house is perfect! Hopefully it won’t be much longer now…
In June, my parents invited me to a short break to Holland to visit my Aunt and her family. I had never been before so was really looking forward to travelling somewhere new. My mums partner loves to drive everywhere so we took the Eurotunnel to Paris and drove across the borders of Belgium into Holland. It was lovely to see the landscapes of Europe whilst driving rather then missing it all thousands of feet high in the sky. Holland was so picturesque and truly beautiful. It was clean and pleasant everywhere we travelled and I couldn’t get over how quaint all the buildings are! Plus I really loved getting in some family time, great trip all round!
Me and Mumma Bear (Pink hair oh yeah – achieved with schwarzkopf live)

Canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam Town Square 

The Haugue
When your baby cousin’s trying to get in on your Tuna Sarnie
And here it is! Another year older. I don’t really mind birthdays it doesn’t put the fear into me as it does some of my friends it seems aha. I always look at it as a really great excuse to throw a huge themed party (always fancy dress every year as I am an absolute glutton for it) and do something fun. This year I decided to go to Banham Zoo with my friends during the day and then for my party I threw a mini festival in my back garden!
Basically thinking I’m Doctor Doolittle right now

Birthday bash  // best friend Georgia (left) and my sister Samantha (right)
So a little confession time, we all have our guilty pleasures when it comes to music and one of my absolute favourite GPs has got to be Little Mix!! So when I heard they were performing at my local races I was straight on to the website to get a ticket. Me and one of my besties (also named Tash – great name y’know) headed there in late August and boogied the evening away listening to the girls get down. They are all seriously hot, can someone come and do my hair and makeup like theirs everyday please & thanks. 
Prosecco o’Clock (aka getting bevved at 11am)
I had to go down to London for a couple of events towards the end of Summer and Ollie kindly agreed to come with me to keep me company. It was a lovely few days and we just wandered around the city most of the time taking some snaps. Although I spent many years living here through university and afterwards, I never spent much time being a tourist as working and socialising kept me busy enough. So whenever I head back here to visit I do love taking in some sights as it’s nice to appreciate the things you never really saw whilst living in the hustle and bustle of London Town. 
Big Ben at night
The Shard

Battersea Park
I was super lucky to attend the Beauty blogger awards at the end of September – I met up with Jodie, Jasmine and Pao (click the links to check out their awesome blogs) and spent the day talking to some amazing brands and taking a lot of selfies! We were absolutely spoilt with lots of lovely beauty products including several from NYX Cosmetics! It was aspiring to see so many girls who had worked so hard to grow their blogs receiving recognition for all their work. I came away feeling so motivated to keep working hard at my own 🙂
So here we are, the nights are setting in now and days are getting so much colder…eurgh. One good thing is the cosy winter wardrobe we now get to put together, can’t wait for some massive thick knit scarves and giant oversized jumpers. Most years whenever it comes to Winter I tend to hibernate big time, hardly going out during the weekdays and even on the weekends I tend to get quite lazy. This year I’m going to try and make a resolution to myself to get out a bit more and motivate myself to be more active during the winter months. Wish me luck… send help if you don’t start seeing regular blog updates- it means I’m probably lost out in the cold. 

What has everyone else been up to this Summer/Autumn? 

Author: Natasha Todd