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So today I am doing my first ever Monthly favourites post. It’s something I have always wanted to do as it’s a great way of rounding up all the products you love or haven’t had time to review individually. Also I find it a really great insight into the kind of products my fellow bloggers normally go for. As a budget friendly blogger I love checking out monthly favourites based on Drugstore finds!
So starting off with my first favourite is this super pigmented fiery toned palette from Morphe, not a drugstore favourite but definitley a budget friendly fave. I bought this on Beauty Bay about two/three months ago however hadn’t got round to using it until this month. I’ve been watching loads of youtube tutorials recently (especially a lot of Carli Bybel who is seriously so good) in an attempt to really up my makeup game so this palette has become a massive go to in my learning process. Combined with a good eyeshadow primer these shadows look incredible and have amazing stay power. There does tend to be a lot of fall out with this palette but I’ve learnt to start my face with my eyes before foundation now so it doesnt affect my routine. 


Next up are my current lash brand go to – Nouveau Lashes with their strip lash sets. I LOVE these lashes as they are totally fuss free and have not failed me yet in any way. Gone are the days in which I used to come home from a night out and find one eyelash halfway down my cheek, these lashes have great stay power! They are so affordable as well retailing at £4.95 RRP on their website. 


So I bought this polish a couple of weeks ago in a mad dash around boots in Liverpool Street before heading away for the weekend. I had forgotten to paint my nails before my little weekendcay and needed a polish pronto so that I wouldn’t be unleashing my bare ugly nails to the world. I picked this up for £3.50 and not only did it last all weekend but for quite a while after that. I do love a good polish that doesn’t chip & for me this is one. Plus I love this creamy grey colour, so nice for Autumn.


Now this one is something I was debating putting into my favourites as I’m not sure I would buy it again, however as hairsprays go I did enjoy using it so it made it through! My problem with this product is it is too overpriced – at £5 I think this is crazy for Hairspray with most averaging at £2-£3 in Drugstores. I know I sound tight right now but to be honest I remember days when Hairspray used to be even cheaper than that so I really begrudge how expensive some of them can be nowadays! If this product were on offer I would purchase again as it holds my hair nicely and has a nice scent too. Plus I hate sticky hairsprays and this definitely wasnt sticky for me so all in all I did like this product…just not the price.


I reviewed these lipsticks in the Summer on my blog – check the post out here – and absolutely fell in love with them. Such a nice comfortable product to apply and wear with a lovely scent and great stay power! 4 months on and I am still using these, especially now more than ever as the colder months set in meaning my lips need an extra coat to keep them warm. Haha but in all seriousness the colours are perfect for Autumn/Winter seasons so I’ve had plenty of opportunities to wear them. 


Another product which I am not so impressed about with the price is the Benefit Roller Lash however there are some very worthy factors about this mascara that completely make up for the price of this product. So when I first bought this mascara I actually got it in the Duty Free in France on my way back home meaning it was about £17 I think. The date I got it? It was somewhere towards the middle of July, and you know what? I am still using this very mascara today. Like literally I put it on this very morning that I am writing up this post. AM I CRAZY TO BE EXCITED BY THIS? Maybe everyones mascaras normally last this long but for me I normally have to buy a new one every one-two months!! So for me as I write this post I’m actually realising how budget friendly this mascara is for me haha I have saved so much money on not having to buy a new mascara every month with just this one product that’s lasted months and months! Plus I love how curly it makes my lashes hehe. 


Oh man I have been lusting after these for so so long. I kept seeing fellow bloggers instagrams with their envious posts of these gorgeous lipsticks but try as I might I just couldn’t find a boots that stocked them. I know I could have just bought them online however I love being able to see the product in person and maybe have a cheeky swatch so I was waiting out for the glorious moment of finding them for myself. Finally the moment came at this years Beauty Blogger Awards where a NYX stall was set up in the Olympia Beauty part. I went craaaazy in there and finally settled upon just these two lovely colours, Beauty Mark & Lace Detail. I love the pigmentation of the lipstick, it has great stay power and also feels comfortable to wear. A huge favourite for October!


Last up is this very used up bottle of concealer from Maybelline. I’m sure you can tell the picture this product has seen better days but that’s just proof to show how much I really used this concealer. I LOVE the round shaped sponge applicatior on this product, it is super easy to apply and does a great job covering those dark cirlces I sometimes suffer from under my eyes. This special Rio edition packaging is no longer available but of course the product very much still is for a great price of £7.99.

Nouveau Lashes – £4.95
Benefit Roller Lash – £19.50
Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer £7.99
What October favourites do you guys currently have?

Author: Natasha Todd