Hello lovely people.
This week we are talking MAKEUP BRUSHES. But, not any old makeup brushes. We are talking the creme de la creme of brushes.
Of course everyone has their favourite brush brands and I know there are so many great ones out there but for me I have finally settled on a brand I just ADORE. The perfect combination of mermaid and unicorn combined, Spectrum Brushes offer beautifully made brushes which not only feel great but look amazing. 

Spectrum Brushes are registered with PETA which of course is an organisation for people who support the ethical treatment of Animals. The hairs of the brushes are all synthetic, completely vegan and obviously animal cruelty free. The cost of the brushes are well within affordability and they also have a great range of individual brushes which are all really well priced! 

This is actually where I first discovered my love for Spectrum as I was desperately on the hunt for a great eye blending brush. I came across their Instagram filled with endless pictures of dreamy unicorn vibiness and clicked through to their website to see what individual brushes they had. The answer was: SO MANY! I found the Bo6 which is a tall blender perfect for trying to achieve those perfect blends you see on insta. 
From that moment I have never looked back and would consider this brand as a definite go to for my makeup brushes. The hairs are so fluffy and feel incredible – uh hello. Who wouldn’t want to feel like their face is being caressed by silk feathers whilst applying their makeup. Because yes, that’s exactly what it feels like. So far I have had no problems with the hairs shedding and I love not having to deal with that scratchy type feeling some makeup brushes can give you!

This ‘marbelous’ set is aimed to let you create and finish your most desired perfect makeup looks. With larger brushes designed to create base eye colours and then smaller brushes added in for creating more detail and plenty of BLEND it really is a perfect kit for creating eye shadow looks. An added bonus is also that there is a lip and eyebrow brush thrown in so you can polish off your gorgeous look! Plus can we just talk about how beautiful this Marble Smoke collection is. I love clean white products and these brushes are the definition of this. The gorgeous gold detail really gives the brushes that added wow factor!

*This post contains a PR/Gift Sample. All thoughts however are completely my own.

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Has anyone else tried Spectrum Brushes? What are your thoughts?

Author: Natasha Todd