Hello all you gorgeous people.

Today’s post is all about a celebration of a brand which really REALLY means a lot to me. You may have noticed now if you follow my blog (I hope you do 🙊) that I am a big fan of Nouveau Lashes. I have struggled all my life (someone get out their violin) with applying strip lashes. However after trying Nouveau, well it was a life changing experience. Ha, but seriously guys these lashes completely changed up my beauty routine and now crying in the corner of my bathroom with eyelash glue everywhere is a thing of the past. 

So as I approach almost six months on from discovering this amazing brand and becoming a member of the fabulousss #LASHGANG (read my post here if you’d like to know more about what lashgang is) it was a huge pleasure to be invited down to their Head Academy in London to celebrate it’s first birthday!

Arriving down in London on a Saturday afternoon, I wandered down a little cobbled street to find the Nouveau HQ awaiting me. Filled with some nerves and plenty of excitement I was greeted at the door by the lovely Beth Eleanor who not only is one of the fab ladies in charge of #lashgang but also has her own blog and youtube channel! 
Inside it was beautifully decorated with balloons and banners galore, a scrummy feast was spread and I could hear all the gorgeous ladies of #lashgang laughing away in another room. I couldn’t wait to get in there and meet everyone. The day consisted of playing party games, taking 10,00 selfies and for some of us lucky ones we also got to try out some of the amazing Nouveau lash treatments. I myself had the SVS lash treatment done and there will be a blog post review to come soon! 

The day was such a fun one, I loved meeting such a wonderful group of girls who all were so friendly and such a good laugh. Thank you so much to Emma and Beth who organised the day, you guys did just the absolute best job!! I think sometimes starting up in blogging can be a little daunting especially when you don’t know anyone else who does it. Of all the lessons 2016 has taught me though is that the blogging community is one of the greatest support networks I’ve ever had. So many people are willing to support each other and be there to offer help, advice or even just some friendly words like – ‘great job on that blog post, I loved it’. So when you are surrounded by people in this community who are so supportive, it’s even better getting to meet them in real life and share the love all together! 
Here are all the girls I got to meet at the #LASHGANG birthday! Check out their pages below!
THE BEAUTY KINGDOM (blog coming soon)
So a bit of a soppy little post today but I think taking time to appreciate the support network so many of you guys provide is such a HUGE thing. So here’s a big BIG thanks to everyone who has supported me so far on this journey. You guys da best! 💕

Author: Natasha Todd