Good day my little rays of sunshine! I am on a hot roll with beauty blog posts at the moment which is something I always feel comes with a New Year as lots of great new products poke their heads out for me to explore! With the fresh start of 2017 and all it’s wonder products emerging it began to dawn on me that with the all the craziness that overtook 2016 (aka doing some serious adulting and moving in with Ollie plus working hard on my blog) that my beauty routine had taken a huge backstep and I hadn’t even realised. 

When I were the mere age of just 18 and living the life of riley in University I was obsessed with keeping on top of the perfect beauty routine. Tanning was essential, monthly haircuts never got missed and beauty regimes had been perfected to a tee. Something that came hand in hand with campus university lifestyle also was the nightlight which was basically going ‘out out’ at least 3/4 times a week. Us girls running up and down corridors trying to bag first turn in the communal showers, our arms full of products so we could gloss those locks and shave them legs *cough and other such things* was an almost daily occurrence. 
Looking back I feel slightly sad that I have lost that interest in looking after my beauty routines, nowadays haircuts get missed on the regular, I haven’t applied tan in over 5 years (LOL) and even shaving is more of a weekly when I remember thing. I was never interested in keeping up such an avid beauty routine at universtiy for anyone other than myself, we were just young girls who had lots of spare time to take care of ourselves and do the things that made us feel good about ourselves. So with leaving university that side of my life slipped away as I went into a full time job and life now became revolved around trying to fit in work, a social life, health and exercise and all that jazz.
SO reflecting on how much my beauty regimes have changed over the years and how perhaps it’s time to start giving myself a little more self love (because yes, I do like running my own hand up my leg and feeling how silky smooth it is) I have decided to kick start my 2017 with a whole new beauty regime. It’s time to put the focus back on doing the things that make me feel good and to start it off I’m going to change up my shaving routine completely! This month I made an amazing new discovery in Dorco razors who have created a fantastic close touch razor which leaves your legs feeling insanely smooth. What’s even better is that they also provide a monthly prescription service for just £5.45 a month which is possibly the most affordable beauty subscription I’ve seen in a  long time. Hence my new switch up in beauty regimes starting with shaving because now I can always keep on top with new razors sent to my door each month so I always have great quality blades to shave with. No excuses to be lazy anymore!

The new Dorco Eve 6 has two blade strips centered in it’s flexible moving head which can easily glide along the contours of your body meaning no nasty cuts on those knees! Either side of the handy double blade format you then will find a moisturising strip on each side enriched with lots of goodies such as Lavender, Aloe and Vitamin E perfect for keeping those with sensitive skin smooth and calm. What I also really love about this razor is the way it’s designed openly at the back so that you can run water through it easily meaning it’s so easy to maintain nice and clean! Perfect!
I’m so pleased with the results from using the Dorco Eve 6 so far, my legs feel great and it’s definitely some motivation to keep up with my beauty regimes from now on. Although I loved my previous razor the Gillette Venus Swirl Flexiball I found with the Dorco Eve the shave was so much closer and left my legs with an amazing smooth shine afterwards too, plus the price is so much better and the monthly subscription means I won’t forget to keep on top of my shaving routine!

Has anyone else tried the Dorco Eve 6?

Dorco Eve 6 Handle and Blades
Dorco Eve 6 Replacement Blades
Dorco Eve 6 Subscription Service

*This post contains a gift/pr sample however all thoughts are my own

Author: Natasha Todd