Hello Honeybees
Today I am bringing you a post that is well overdue – sorry about that. It’s been almost one month now since Ollie and I took a short break to the beautiful city of Dublin and in true me style I am only getting around to posting about our trip now. Before going I definitely envisioned lots of photo worthy moments and coming back with a memory card teaming with shots. However as with anywhere I seem to go, I was so caught up in the moment that sometimes I just simply forgot to snap it on my camera! But anyway, I did get some pics so it’s not the end of the world, and here’s a few of our fave places we visited…


Our first stop on the trip was to the Guinness Storehouse which is a very popular self tour around the St James’s Gate Brewery. There’s plenty of interesting facts to learn about the process of how Guinness is made and make sure you go to the Tasting Experience room as it’s a great little interactive part of the tour (plus you also get a cheeky shot of Guinness). At the end of the tour you have an option to learn to pour your own Guinness or you can head straight upstairs to the Skybar which overlooks the city to enjoy a free pint poured for you.


This was our favourite out of the two tours we did whilst in Dublin as it’s a lot more interactive compared to the Guinness tour. We had a fantastic tour guide who took us around the Jamesons Distillery and broke down the complete process of how Irelands most famous Whiskey is made. There are plenty of taste tests along the way, which is great for anyone who loves drinking Whiskey straight! Plus you also get a free Jamesons based drink at the end of the tour, I went for a Jamesons and Ginger ale which was gorge!


On Our last day we were conscious of  making sure we didn’t run out of time before our flight so we decided to just wander around the city and take in the sights. Not far from the centre is the beautiful constituent college of the University of Dublin, Trinity College. Home to treasures like the Book of Kells it is so lovely to just meander around and take in the scenery. As it was Spring the blossom trees were brimming with their stunning pastel pinks hues which really made the college look beautiful.


One of the most famous parts of Dublin well known for its lively atmosphere, we took a wander down here also in the day just to see what it all looks like. Even during the early afternoon hours several of the bars had Karaoke booming away inside and there was just a great atmosphere around the area.


As a blogger it’s pretty much in our blood to love a good cafe. It’s where we work, it’s where we meet friends and it’s where we take great instagram snaps. So it would be prudent not to hunt down a great coffee spot whilst in a different country of course. My personal favourite place I found in Dublin was the Brother Hubbard Cafe which has a cafe located in both the North and South of Ireland. With cakes to die for and the classic industrial meets urban modern interior is perfect for those ‘candid coffee shots’. I had a latte and ollie had a fresh green juice and both were delish!



Has anyone else visited Dublin, where were your favourite spots?

Author: Natasha Todd