First up ladies and gents let me just point out that this post was definitely not shot whilst on holiday **sob**
Sadly I have no trips abroad planned for this month. For all of us huns that aren’t sunning ourselves on a beach somewhere however this post is definitely for you. There’s nothing I love more then that feeling of ultimate organisation, it’s so satisfying. So when you have a holiday planned I always feel like it is essential to know what outfits you want to take with you before you start packing. If you are reading this and thinking yaaaaasss, I need some holiday outfit inspiration and I need to get organising what outfits I am taking, then keep reading!

For all you babes that keep up to date with me and my adventures then you will know that recently I have found a real real love for Matalan. My house is pretty close to a store and I have found myself in there on the regular now hunting down some top bargains. Like this cute Gingham Dress for just £12! So as I’m sure you can imagine then when Matalan got in touch recently to work on their Holiday Range together I was like, YES QUEENS. 
An important factor that affects us all when it comes to holiday packing is space. Trying not to pack too much, trying not to get caught out at check in with an overweight bag – these are problems we all like to avoid. So when it comes down to it, we need to be packing ninjas, we need to be able to be totally space efficient. Which is what’s so perfect about the new Matalan holiday range. They have so many great items that can be utilized more than once to make different outfits. 
I myself like to pack my holidays full to the brim with trips and excursions which means that often I am running short on time to make big outfit changes. When you’ve been out all day wandering round on your feet sometimes you get back to your hotel and think ‘I really can not be bothered to pick a whole new outfit for dinner right now’ and that’s okay because if you’ve packed the right things, then you can easily just add a few accessories and wham bam thank you ma’am you have a whole new outfit without having to get changed. 
Take this super cute leafy maxi dress. I am crushing too much on this dress right now, I can’t wait to go on holiday and walk around in it like some kind of bohemian queen. What I love the most about it is it’s so loungey and comfy however with just a few accessories it can be livened up into a jazzy little evening number. During the day if you are in humid heats it’s nice to have loose clothing on which is why I chose this dress in particular. Sometimes on holiday you have to choose comfort over style because you don’t want to boil to death but with this, you can have both! Plus you can easily wear a nice little bikini underneath for any daytime pool/sea dipping you may choose to partake in. 
The shoes I have chosen for this daytime outfit are these fab platform sandals which I adore. I think they look so funky with the woven design across the platform yet they are really comfy and perfect for walking around in. Plus paired with this super cute saddle bag the outfit really comes together with the black detailing against the bold green print.
For my night time look all I needed to do to change this outfit was add a little belt for some more shape to the dress, a cute pair of platform heels and some Gold jewellery. I like to wear my hair in braids most of the time on Holiday too as then when your swimming it doesn’t really get messed up. When it comes to the evening I just take my braids out, quickly run my straighteners over it and hey presto, quick as you like. During the day and night I decided to use this same Saddle Bag as the detail on it is so nice that you can definitely get away with using it as an evening bag. It’s the perfect size to keep all those day-to-day essentials in too. To finish off the look these platform heels go together so well with their gold buckle detail, plus (and take this from me as I’m not a big heel wearer) they are very comfortable to walk in.


Author: Natasha Todd