Hello Huns 💜
So happy to be bringing you a post that features one of my favourite lash brands, that’s right it’s Nouveau Lashes. If you have been with me from the early days then you will know I seriously rate their products and it’s not just because I am a #lashgang member, honest. Two days ago Nouveau Lashes launched their brand new product the Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser and I was lucky enough to give it a cheeky trial before the launch. 

I think many of us suffer from this common beauty predicament, the morning Panda eyes 🐼 
That’s right, not just Panda eyes, but morning Panda eyes – because try as we damn well might as much as we rub and scrub before bed sometimes you still manage to miss some tiny bits of eye makeup. Often I find myself waking up in the morning looking in the mirror and…wait what. How do I have black smeared down my cheek – I swear I washed it all off last night. What is this sorcery? 
What I needed all along was this little foaming cleanser and it’s magical little brush which is very cute. You see what I hadn’t thought of before was how whilst cleaning my face I was unable to get in between my lashes which is where a lot of that eye makeup is hiding. Using the brush to gently rub into my lash area meant that those super soft bristles could niftily get into those harder places like between lashes. The product can be pumped easily onto the back of your hand, then all you need to do is dab the applicator brush into the product and gently in circular motions rub this across your eye. As you apply the products foams up and gently cleans away that makeup. Plus you will also find that because of it’s formula this can not only cleanse the area but condition too, and it’s filled with fab anti-aging ingredients! 
I have really buckled down with my evening and morning beauty routines recently and this cleanser and brush has become a fantastic addition to my routine. It’s a great feeling in the morning to know you don’t have to spend time cleaning those Panda eyes. Instead I can splash some water over my face and moisturise, saving me plenty of time! If you order the Cleanser now you will also get the brush free along with it (for a limited time only, whilst stocks last).
This product was kindly gifted to me by Nouveau Lashes, though all thoughts are my own


Author: Natasha Todd