Hello my huns and welcome to the second post during my festival blogging week. 
With Summer well and truly in swing now we have hit Festival Season and so in the spirit of preparing for going off to dance drunkenly in a field for a week I am bringing some posts revolving all around the festival essentials you might just need! 
On Monday you may have caught my post about staying cool in the (hopefully) warm weather with a certain Missguided number – catch the post here if not. Today I am bringing you some haircare must haves kindly gifted by Style Freedom. These guys are a relatively new brand of haircare available in  UK Superdrug stores!

First up is a little hair preparation before heading off to your festihols. If you are like me then you will probably not be one for washing your hair whilst at a festival. Normally the showers are pretty shocking and always freezing cold so I tend to just stick with the dry shampoo and a little mexican shower outside my tent (no judgement please 😝). 

Therefore with all the backcombing, braiding, glitter and dry shampoo that your hair is about to go through, I always think it’s a good idea to pay a little TLC before those antics. This is why the new 2-Part Hair Detox Kit is perfect for giving those locks a healthy boost before heading away. The detox kit is quite simple to use and like most hair treatments requires application to towel dried hair. As mentioned in the name, there are two parts to this Detox Kit. Step one is the Purifier which is infused with lovely ingredients like Green Tea and Citrus and it’s designed to cleanse the hair of all the baddies we fill it with (aka shampoos filled with silicone and hair products that clog up our hair shafts). You simply apply a small palm sized amount and build a small lather then leave for 5-10mins. You then build up a bigger lather after adding more water and then rinse through until the water runs clear. Next is a Shea butter and Vitamin E infused replenisher which you can run through the mid lengths to the ends of your hair and leave for a further 10-15mins. Once washed out there’s no need to apply shampoo and conditioner you can just dry you hair and hey presto…cleansed, detoxed and nourished.

After about a year of box bleaching my hair, my ends are pretty dire and drying out big time. I do get them trimmed on the regular but I think the extent of the damage is quite severe on my hair so gaining back silky tresses is not happening any time soon for me. Therefore if you are looking for a product that is going to save dying hair like mine this isn’t really designed for that as it is more of a cleanser. I could see though from above my ends that my hair was feeling so much softer and had gained its healthy shine back so over all I am really impressed. This works so well on hair that hasn’t been completely destroyed and is looking for a good cleanse & a healthy boost. I will definitely be using it again before I head off to Glastonbury.

After about two days into the festival your hair has probably gone through quite a lot ( I mean if I don’t have at least 10tons of Glitter in my hair by day two am I even doing a Festival right). It can definitely start to lack a certain lustre and look rather dull despite the endless glitter shining through so what better than a little product designed to add some shine. The Pure Shine Spray can be used over dry or wet hair and is a mist like product aimed to boost dry and flat hair whilst taming those fly aways. I think this is a great product to take along for giving your hair a boost in the right direction however do not and I mean DO NOT use too much. I made the mistake of getting a little spritz happy one time and I ended up with a greaseball on my head. Just a slight gentle spray will do you just fine.  

Totally gutted that recently I dyed my hair back to brown which meant that I missed out on getting to try out the new Colour Freedom Pastel range which includes box dyes and a cool pasteliser. This range belongs to the same company and do a huge range of quirky hair colours from Pastels to Greys. This would be so great for anyone who had blonde hair and wants some crazy colours for a festival, I’m sure it won’t be long until I try and go blonde again so will be excited to try these when I do. 

Last up are two FESTIVAL MUST HAVES. I mean who doesn’t head to a Festival without dry shampoo? Plus a little canned texture for some va va voom? Yes please.
I have been using this Dry Shampoo a lot since I first got it as I am a woman who is on the go a lot and also cycles around so dry shampoo is a saviour for me. It does exactly what you expect dry shampoo to do, keeps your hair fresh and removes that pesky greasy feeling you can get when your hair needs a wash. Plus it has that classic Dry Shampoo smell that I oh so love.
The Canned Texture Spray is perfect for anyone looking to add some more shape and volume to their hair, great for people who have finer hair and want to go all out at a Festival (what’s the word count for the amount of times I’ve said festival now?) Apparently it’s best used on wet hair but I have also used it on my hair whilst dry and I think I still have managed to get the same desired effects. 

All in all I am really impressed with these products (though sadly didn’t get to try the Colour Freedom bits) and will definitely be bringing most of them with me to Glastonbury next week. I am a huge fan of the pricing too as none of the products are above the £7.99 price which I feel is really affordable!
Has anyone else tried anything from the Style Freedom range, what are your thoughts?
Also what else do people like to take to a festival for hair care? Let me know! 😁



*This post has been gifted however all opinions are my own

Author: Natasha Todd