June 4, 2017
I don’t know about you guys but sometimes the digital world can become a little intense. 
If it’s not the constant struggle of Instagrams new shitty algorithm it could be drama popping off on Twitter or even just the stress of trying to get your blog posts up on time. 
When it comes to blogging although we all do it because we love it, we also know that it can sometimes be a little bit stressful. 
Therefore it’s really important to take a break from the online world sometimes. It’s good to be able to wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is not open up instagram to see if you latest post was hit or miss. It’s good to be able to spend a few hours doing anything other than scouring twitter to see what everyone else’s thoughts were on that Sarah Ashcroft interview. It is so good to be able to differentiate between the importance of real life vs online life.
So a couple of weekends back I headed off into the Northern regions of England to the beautiful Peak District for three days of good company, home cooked food and miles of beautiful scenery. We visited the lovely area of Edale which sits just on the outside of Sheffield. 
As we left the city and began our ascent to where we were staying I saw my mobile signal getting lower and lower until when we finally reached our destination all that was left was ‘no service’. 
Once upon a time I would say that I would have been quite panicked to see my phone was unusable but this weekend a wave of relief washed over me. I was so ready to welcome this cut off from the digital world and embrace the weekend. To know each day I wouldn’t have to face the pressure of what time is best to post to instagram or did I promote my latest blog post enough on twitter. I’m not saying that these things are awful stresses because hey, I sure as hell wouldn’t be blogging if I didn’t enjoy it all. I’m just saying that damn, it is so good to just not have to think about these things once in a while
Over the weekend we walked about 36,000km with nothing to entertain us but the beautiful scenery and the great company of my work colleagues – and let me tell you, I was entertained. The weekend was filled with so much laughter and the most stressful part of the trip? There really was none.

For anyone interested in doing the same thing and going for a weekend away. We stayed in this lovely Stable Bunkhouse at Ollerbrook farm  which is great for anyone looking to go in a largish group. 
Does anyone else love taking a break from the online world? What do you do?

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