Guys, the competitive beast inside me has been released – and it’s not a pretty sight.
Strange way to open a blog post I’m sure you’re thinking but the thing is I’ve got a confession to make. I am one of those people who has that annoying competitive side. 
So you’re probably wondering what’s this got to do with your title, caring for your underarms with the new Dove antiperspirant range? Well the thing is about a week ago I downloaded an app onto my phone called Strava. A little app designed to record the analytics of when you run, cycle or swim. I cycle to work everyday and I am currently training to run a half marathon so I really need to be able to keep track of how I’m doing. Plus it logs your time against others who also do the same routes (hey competitive side coming out nice to see you).
Long story short I downloaded Strava and now I  cycle everyday like a bat out of hell trying to beat my previous days time/anyone also cycling that same route. This equals one thing. Copious and very unattractive amounts of sweating.
So here I am now producing ten thousand litres of sweat a day thanks to my annoying competitive side and I’ve realised that looking after my body odour is more important than ever. I NEED good sweat protection. So getting to try the release of the new Dove deodorant range was truly perfect timing. With a whole new range of sweet scents perfect for these warmer months Dove have outdone themselves with these addictively fruity smells. 
This year Dove are celebrating 60 years of caring for women’s skin and along with it they are bringing a brand new formula for their sprays and roll ons. Well known for their antiperspirant collections being a quarter moisturising cream they have now also added in the same skin care ingredients that are also used in some of their luxury face creams. Hello soft moisturised pits. (That doesn’t quite sound as satisfying with the word pits).
Underarm care is such an underrated thing and thanks to Dove my eyes have been opened up to realising just how much you need to look after those areas. A survey they conducted showed that up to 75% of women shave their underarms twice a week and when we shave those pits almost 36% of what we’re shaving off is actually skin! So making sure those underarms are moisturised and nourished is more important than you think. Plus the 48 hour protection is everything I need for my cycle commutes to work as it keeps me fresh all day in the office.
The new Dove antiperspirant range is available in the following varieties 
My favourite however? Definitely the Pear and Aloe Vera. The scent is so gorgeous and sweet and leaves you smelling amazing all day! Although that said, all the new summer fruity freshness products are beautiful scent wise!

Thank you so much to Dove for letting me try the new range and also for teaching me a thing or two about how important it is to look after your under arms! 
Has anyone else tried the new Dove antiperspirants?


*These items have been gifted however all opinions are my own.

Author: Natasha Todd