Hello my lovelies, hope everyone is having a fab week so far. TGIF hey, I am so ready for the weekend.
A quick note before we delve into today’s subject. I’ve been really fascinated with experimenting with my photography and editing recently and so you may see quite a mix up with my photos! In the past I tried to stick to one photo style but I never really enjoyed doing that as I think photography can speak so much. I love the idea of creating different styles with imagery so from now on I will definitely be more experimental. 
But anywhoooo

Today I fancied touching on something a tad different but something many many people experience. A hard day at work. Alongside my blog I work a 9-5 job in the Grain industry, (yes totally random I know). Basically my work involves the organisation of getting grain to mills like Weetbix so people can have their brekkie in the morning. Not quite what I studied at Uni but it’s different and I love it. 
And this is completely the thing. I love my job. However it can sometimes (not often at all but still sometimes) be pretty stressful and challenging. Some days aren’t always the best day, they can be incredibly busy & hard and sometimes you just want to sneak out of the fire escape and run home. However letting a harder than normal day at work get to you is the last thing you want and recently in our busiest times I have been trying some things to keep positive. So here are some of my top tips for surviving a hard day at work!
If you are are struggling at work and something is overwhelming you don’t be afraid to take five minutes away from the desk. Unless your boss is a total douche I am sure a quick break from work is allowed in most places. Whether you fancy going outside for some fresh air or popping to the toilets to just put the seat down and sit there for bit – do what you gotta do to clear your head. Just having that 5 mins can do wonders for getting into a better head space.
This is something I do everyday, except for those days where it’s peeing down. Going for a walk at lunchtime gives you that break away from the office and allows you to distract your mind from work. Creating that separation is so important I feel as we spend 8-9 hours (sometimes more, sometimes less) at work each week day. That’s more than half of our waking day! If you are cooped up in an building all day then it can feel suffocating and getting out is just a great way to feel refreshed.
The other day I had a pretty busy day at work and things were going wrong left right and centre. I started to feel overwhelmed and before I knew it I was sat at my friends desk in tears. The reason why though was because all day I had let it build up inside of me until I exploded. Once I had my little cry though and chatted with my mate I suddenly felt so much better. Sometimes just getting things off your chest can be a huge relief.
If something negative happens at work don’t let it get to you. Easier said then done sometimes but the truth is if it something happens that perhaps hits a nerve there’s no point stewing over it. 9/10 times the next day it will have all been forgotten about. You know, unless it’s serious that is then totally don’t shake it off. Otherwise just try and take a deep breath and put it out of your mind. Nothing worse than thinking about it in your head and building it up so next thing you know you’re plotting how to put salt rather than sugar in someones tea. Nah just kidding I’ve never thought about doing this…or have I…?
So in good old true British style this is one of the only medically proven ways to fix a problem. No, but seriously there is something about a nice hot cup of tea that manages to make things feel a whole lot better. So if you’re bad day is getting a bit on top of you, take 5 and maybe grab yourself a cuppa. Let that warm goodness fill you back with life and if you don’t like tea maybe try a mood lifting food. Chocolate, fruit or maybe even a slice of toast with some jam – there have all been said to be mood boosting foods!


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Author: Natasha Todd