July 30, 2017

Ladies and gentleman, I am pleased to announce that I am a fully fledged skincare product lover. Yes that’s right. Once a girl who slept in her makeup and used face wipes to take off her mascara. Things are changing in a big way.

I recently started developing a proper morning and evening skincare routine for myself which involved lots of cleansing, toning and moisturising and it’s safe to say it has been going rather well. So recently when Peachy Fox London got in touch regarding the launch of their new eye products I was like hell to the yes. A new product to try out in my skincare routine.

During the Summer I like to wear as minimal makeup as possible as y’know…it get’s pretty warm sometimes and there’s nothing worse than a full face of melt. The only trouble is without foundation it’s much easier to see those pesky dark circles and occasional breakouts. My new cleansing and toning regime has massively helped with breakouts and my skin has been so much clearer recently so the next thing to tackle is definitely my under eye.

The product comes in a little hand size bottle which has a pump applicator. I love these the most as they are easy to use and great for light packing. I began first using this just in the evenings before bedtime so it could soak in overnight and work it’s magic. The instructions tell you to gently apply the serum under your eye without rubbing in. So I apply a thin layer and gently pat it underneath my eye covering where I suffer from dark circles the most. For the first 2 minutes the serum has a slight tingle to it but nothing severe and definitely bearable. After that you hardly know it’s there!

With Avocado oil as one of it’s main ingredients this rejuvenating eye gel is designed to deeply nourish your skin helping to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and of course those dreaded dark circles. Plus the Hyaluronic acid is used to help with skin elasticity and hydration! In fact there are a lot of amazing ingredients in this little gel such as anti-aging vitamin E, wrinkle diminishing marine collagen & Argan Oil and also Green Tea extracts to help fight signs of premature aging.

It’s been about two-three weeks now since I first started using the Eye gel and it’s been really working well so far. In fact it’s literally opened up my eyes to realising that there are much easier ways to diminish those dark circles rather than snoozing on your sofa for half an hour with cucumbers over your eyes (not even sure this works that well tbh).

Plus with the affordable price of currently £13.36 added up with the fact that you get plenty of product in this bottle it really is worth a try. I am loving this eye serum as part of my summer beauty regime especially as it just means I can go makeup free most days without having the worry of needing concealer. Just some moisturiser and maybe a touch of BB cream and I’m on my way.

PLUS – If you have Amazon Prime then you can get it for a cheeky next day delivery.

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What are your favourite skincare products to use? Let me know below! 😊

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