July 5, 2017
Long time no speak. 
Feeling kinda guilty that I just wrote that tbh as it’d been about two weeks since I last posted on my blog and I am currently up for the world’s worst blogger award…
Jokes aside it has been a pretty busy time with an influx of Birthdays washing in alongside a friends wedding and of course that festival I didn’t stop going on about, Glastonbury. All in all June has been hectic to say the least. So with all this going on I admitted defeat and took a step back from my blog to focus on what was going on in my everyday life. During this time however I noticed a huge difference in one of the aspects of my blogging life in particular, Instagram.
Oh Instagram, so easy to hate yet still I strive every day to keep going with it. I love how visually pleasing instagram can be and I enjoy getting to see what my friends and fellow blogger pals are up to BUT ARGH I hate hate hate that algorithm. Judging by my twitter timeline recently – I’m not alone in feeling this.
So as I said above, with my time at Glastonbury the thing that took the biggest hit during my five day absence was instagram. I lost a lot of followers (expected to be honest but still goes to show how much it can mount up) and when I finally poked my head back into the realms of social media, my engagement was prettttty poor. Instagram is certainly making it clear that no matter how hard you try there is no easy way around the algorithm. The little guys like me who have smaller followings and are still trying to grow have now been pushed aside and left struggling to stay afloat in an ocean of online influencers.
It would be a lie to say this doesn’t bother me. Some days, it does. It makes me question will I ever manage to get on top of it or am I really good enough to be able to grow my Insta at all? Feeling downbeat about it all however isn’t going to change.a.thing. 

The honest truth is that my life goals definitely don’t revolve around this little social media app. 
With dreams of travelling around America, one day having a dreamy home and someday owning a little sausage dog family I know that how many likes I get on my pictures will hardly play a part in these dreams. So the best thing to do? I guess it’s just to keep your head above the water and keep pushing towards the shore. I love creating captivating images to post on my Instagram and I love getting to engage with other people and their images. So though the algorithm has created a downside I like to remember all the positives of Insta and all the lovely people I have met on there too. People like to try and cheat the system by buying followers and likes but in the long run this will really get you no where. The only way I think you can beat the algorithm is to just keep posting as much as you can and engage with as many of your followers as you can in a genuine manor. Hard work pays off ay!
What do you guys do to try and not get deflated by the algorithm?


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