Hello my beauties…
Today we are chatting about Beauty essentials perfect for taking to a festival. With the season well and truly in full swing with the likes of Glastonbury and The Isle of White already behind us – yet ones like Reading, V and Bestival still to go it’s safe to say we are in the midst of one of the most fun times in the summer. 
During your time at a festival, to be honest you don’t want to be worrying about any time consuming beauty routines as you’ll be too busy shimmying down with a can of rekordalig in hand. So I’ve compiled together a lil old list of the top essentials to take to a festival.
When it comes to festival packing I tend to try and minimise my makeup bag as much as possible because (1) it’s good to save space and (2) I tend to try not to wear too much makeup and go all out with glitter instead. My staple items tend to be long wearing foundation & mascara, a neutral shaded bronzer, concealer with good coverage and an easy to use eyebrow pomade. All the little odds and ends like five different blush shades are definitely better left behind because of space.  For Glastonbury I took a L’Oreal BB cream as I didn’t want a heavy base and liked the idea of a glowy, dewy natural look. Mascara wise I took my favourite YSL as it’s a great build-able mascara for volume and definition which I can use just by itself. 

As I like to wear minimal makeup as much as possible at a Festival it meant that having a good skincare routine whilst there is still important for me. I don’t mean going all out and taking toners ect but one good cleanser, a moisturiser and an eye gel were my essentials. Therefore it meant I could tackle any breakouts and dark circles and try and keep to wearing less makeup and more glitter! My favourite item I took was this Peachy Fox London Collagen gel as it really works wonders for my under eyes, allowing me to look a little more fresh faced in the morning (you can read more about it here). 


At a festival I like to get my legs out no matter the weather – wind, rain…snow. Okay maybe not snow. Not because I want to show off my pins or anything but simply because I find I get SO HOT at festivals. Even if it’s pouring with rain because your either trekking a mile across a field to get to the next stage or else dancing around like a loon you end up finding yourself sweating buckets. So I counteract this by wearing layers on my top half and then allowing my legs to be out in the cool air to balance it out. Weird logic maybe, but it works for me. It means however that I want to keep my legs looking smoooooooth. So my Dorco eve razors are another essential for me as the movable razor head makes it so easy to use when you’re somewhere that’s not the comfort of your own shower.


Last up for me is a good effective deodorant. This really is a must. With queues to showers often being about an hour long most days, sometimes you end up going days without showering and just having a Mexican spray down instead (Deodorant and dry shampoo yourself so heavily that your left in a cloud of fumes). An absolute favourite brand of mine for years has been Dove and it’s sweet fresh smelling scents. As previously mentioned in my blog before, I do a lot of physical exercise and tend to need a good long wearing deodorant and for me, Dove is the one. It leaves me feeling fresh all day without having to worry about body odours and this is exactly what you’re after for a Festival too. Plus the new formula means it’s extra nourishing for your skin too.


Author: Natasha Todd