If there is one thing I can safely say since my time beginning my blog, it’s that I have met some truly lovely people – some of which I am now lucky enough to call my friends. Yes, actual friends. Never in a million years did I think that by opening up my little online space would it lead to online friendships which would in turn build into real grounded friendships.
To be honest when it came to blogging I imagined I would meet plenty of fellow content creators but I had no idea that these people would then become people I would message everyday or go for coffees with, confide in over problems, share my ups and my downs or plan amazing trips together. I feel more than lucky to be able to say I have this.


The truth is when I first started my blog there was one thing I noticed more than other things which I truly wasn’t expecting.  Your ‘real’ friends are not the people who will build you up in the blogosphere. No, it is your online friends who will do this. Your online friends will be the ones to praise you when you work hard on your blog, they will support you through thick & thin and sometimes even promote you with a cheeky #FF on a Friday.
I found there was distance between my blog and my friends from home. Don’t get me wrong it’s not that they don’t support me because they do. Often in ways through liking photos and offering supportive comments. However rarely do I get asked ‘how is your blog doing’ and in turn when I’ve been offered an amazing new collaborative opportunity my friends aren’t the first people I tell. It’s my online friends who I turn to first because I know they will understand.
And to be honest I am not surprised anymore by this. I understand that the blogging industry is a whole new world which many people don’t understand yet. People still probably believe that having a blog is about getting free stuff and taking pictures. Sounds like a hard life but we all know that actually it is. The hours you need to spend taking photos and editing, writing posts and then promoting them through social media whilst all the while trying to still maintain your social life. It really is hard work. Which is I imagine why the people who will support you the most are the people who also are working hard to build their blogs. The people who will clap for you are the people who also need clapping for back. So lets create our own support networks and build each other up even more.
I want to choose to surround myself by people who are positive and kind and it’s quite easy to spot these people in the blogging industry. Blogging can be a drama filled little world sometimes and we can often see people tearing each other down and when it gets like this it can be quite bewildering. It doesn’t take me to say this though, we all know it should be a place where we can share our content and be supported by like minded people.
I think basically what I am trying to say is that our friends will support us where they can, but our biggest support network lies in the blogosphere. Surrounding ourselves with people who spread positive vibes can make this industry so much more enjoyable to work in and finding people who can become true friends is a huge advantage. The girls I have met so far have become the people I rely on for support, inspiration and much more and I am forever grateful. I believe the industry is filled with people like this and if you feel you need the support, there are fellow bloggers out there ready and waiting to give you that pat on that back or that push in the right direction.
A special shout out is also due to two wonderful girls who lift me up everyday with my blog and that’s Stacey and Laura. I would love you to go check their blogs out if you don’t already follow them as they are huge inspirations to me and honestly two of the kindest & funniest girls I’ve ever met. In fact these photos were taken during a day spent out in London with them. If I can recommend one thing it’s go and meet up with any people you’ve connected with through blogging, it’s a great thing to be able to make good friends in this industry. 💗


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Author: Natasha Todd