Breakfast at the Grazing Sheep

There’s nothing I appreciate more than a big ‘ole plate of food. Well okay, there are lots of things I appreciate in life more perhaps BUT food is definitely up there. And why the hell not I mean at the end of the day it’s the sustenance of life right.

As the nights set in and Summer is ripped away from us just as quickly as it lasted, I am conscious that the abundance of enjoyable day activities is now at a bare minimum. What is there to do now that the weather is gloomy and the days are too cold to be outside. Well there is one thing to do, eat and drink.

I am picking back up on a venture I started earlier this year to discover the many hidden gems Suffolk has to offer, however this time around I am focusing more on good food places. So to start off my new (old but new) chapter of my blog I headed to The Grazing Sheep which can be found on Ipswich Waterfront.

The day in question is a nice warm Sunday morning and after about an hour of lazing in bed we decided we fancied a deliciously cooked breaky which involved us doing minimal work. So off to the Waterfront we wandered to try out a nice little cafe which a friend had recommended. If there’s one thing that can be said, Ipswich has a scarcity of cute (Instagram worthy – yes I said it I’m a basic bitch) places of interest so when my friend pointed out this place I was mega keen to try it out as I especially love ascetically pleasing interiors. And that’s exactly what the Grazing Sheep is.


There’s not a huge amount I can say when it comes to writing the food part of the review as I think the pictures speak a thousand words for themselves. Especially as I’m sure no one really wants a full low down on how each part of the meal tasted. All I can tell you is that the food was absolutely delicious and well worth the price of £8.00 for a full English Breakfast. Drinks weren’t included however this is probably a privilege in few places anyway. I got myself a Latte and Ollie got himself a Green Juice which I definitely stole a sip of and can safely say was totally yum.

The cafe has a lovely outside area which is where most people chose to sit that morning as it was so warm (shock) leaving the upstairs area nice and quiet for us to explore. This floor is full of rustic wood and metal tables which is pretty trendy right now in the interior world and cosy colourful scattered cushions were plentiful.

The pricing is really affordable, I have been to several London cafes before which have charged me well over £10.00 for a cooked breakfast. Although we may not be in London it’s still nice to be able to find places which don’t charge an absolute arm and a leg for good food in a nice surrounding. Of course a Full English wasn’t the only breakfast item on the menu  with other options such as Eggs on toast readily available. Plus they offer an amazing selection of wholesome Lunches and bakery items which look very very good on their website.

So if you live local to Ipswich and you’re looking for a new coffee/breakfast/lunch joint then I highly recommend The Grazing Sheep. With its enticing rustic interiors and it’s delicious good food it’s definitely an absolute gem in the heart of Suffolk. Plus it’s upstairs has a lovely view of the marina which is a real added bonus.


Author: Natasha Todd