September 18, 2017


There are plenty of things I have done in my life
which have, as I like to say: put the fear into me. Taking my driving test, my
first day of University, starting a new job and so the list goes on. However
this week I am experiencing a new feeling of fear; it’s a feeling of nervous
anticipation laced with a new form of self doubt. It’s a feeling brought on by awaiting a
certain day, the day I will run my first ever half Marathon.

I mean I’m the kind of girl who tweets on the regular about eating 5 share size bags of Sensation poppadoms. How was I suddenly meant to go from nearly passing out after running a 5K to pacing through a 13.1 mile race. The answer I guess is there was just a very small part of me that believed in myself.

Believing in myself is something that has slightly faltered through the years. I am not quite the boisterous little young thang I used to be who obnoxiously thought she could achieve anything. Yet the truth is, we really can achieve almost anything if we set our minds to it. A few knocks in life can set you back sometimes and alter your self confidence but for me running has been a surprising way of learning to believe in yourself again. Building self confidence is definitely something I would like to touch more upon in a separate blog post.

Also for me, trying to run this race is not only just about achieving a new goal and learning to have more faith in myself. It’s also about raising money for an important cause. Over the past few years I have lost both an Aunt and an Uncle from Cancer.

People across the world are losing loved ones to cancer every day. The latest
stats on the Cancer Research website show that in 2014 there had been over
300,000 new cases of Cancer reported in the UK alone. This is kind of a scary number right. However across the world the number of people living beyond
cancer diagnosis is climbing. In 2014 it had nearly reached 14.5 million and is
expected to reach 19 million by 2024.Each year Cancer Research is taking huge steps forward
to help people beat the battle of cancer and every time someone donates even just £2 to their research they are one step closer to making more discoveries. As quoted on their
website: One day everyone will beat cancer, the more research we do, the sooner that day will come.So here I am, 6 days away from putting my body through a challenging 13.1 mile run which I hope (emphasis on the hope) to achieve in about 2 and a half hours. Do I feel ready? No. Am I sure I can actually do this? Probably not. However there are people across the world asking themselves these same questions but going through much harder things than running a half marathon. So will I run this race and raise money to help the bigger problems in life. Yes I will.

On a final note. There is no big or small way of raising money for any type of charity. There is no expectancy for everyone to run a race. The idea of raising money can start from anywhere, from buying a muffin at a bake sale (and not forgetting to tick the gift aid box) to doing a midnight walk. The possibilities are endless and as we all know, every little helps.

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Stay tuned soon if you would like to hear how I did. The Great East Run will be this Sunday on the 24th September

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