Over The Knee Boots with MissPap

October 27, 2017

After months of complaining in true old fashioned British style that there hasn’t been enough sun, it’s now time to turn our attention to the darkening evenings and focus our love on all things Autumnal. From Pumpkin patches galore to the ever growing collections of cable knit jumpers our attentions have suddenly been snapped to who can drink the most Pumpkin Spiced Latte’s in the space of one week. There’s no doubt about it, Autumn is upon us.

This season has seen the development of so many amazing trends which there just isn’t enough money in my bank account to keep up with. Whether it be Grey check blazers and Gucci buckled belts or the sudden infiltration of Red and Yellow hues into our wardrobes there are just TOO many fab trends to keep up with right now. One trend in particular that I have very much warmed to is the focus on Knee high boots in these coming colder months. In the past I have sometimes shied away from these as I found it hard to find a flattering way to wear them however recently I have seen an influx of oversized jumpers and over the knee boots and this was exactly the kind of inspiration I needed to reignite my love.

I adore the way an oversized jumper hangs over slim fitting boots, I think this makes a great contrast and also flatters the shape of of the legs. Plus over the past few years I have created an abundance of vintage oversized jumpers (including this retro Puma sweater) which I accumulated during my time mainly at university, so it’s a perfect pairing tbh. Especially as previously mentioned, the colder months are truly setting in now which means that priority for maximum layering and plenty of thick knits is at an all time high. Over the knee boots just add that perfect amount of sass to the oversized jumper which is what I am always looking for in an outfit ~ plenty of sass. Finding that perfect pair of OTK Boots is also so easy right now when you have the likes of MissPap bringing out a huge range of gorgeous Over the Knee Boots. A favourite pair of mine from the collection has got to be the Willow Boots which are a fab pair of flat heeled black suede boots which hug comfortably around the lower leg. A perfect pair for gals like me who much prefer comfort over anything else and always look to expand their shoedrobe with mainly low heels.


What is your favourite way to style Over the Knee Boots?


Over the Knee Boots – MissPap*
Oversized Sweater – Puma (Vintage)
Baker Boy Hat – Topshop
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