Well the truth is tbh I don’t really have a one. Being an olive skinned gal has it’s many upsides and one of them has to be the fact that I often don’t find myself needing to worry about topping up my tan. Don’t see that as bragging but more just a musing that my asian heritage means a darker complexion. Whilst at University though, this was a very different story. I am ashamed to admit that I would often frequent the sun beds with my friends in a bid to seek that golden glow we all considered a necessity.

Looking back I can see how naive I had been letting my vanities get one over on my priorities for my own health care. As the years passed by after finishing uni the need to be at optimum tan levels dropped and I quickly reverted to my natural skin tone. I could suddenly see how lucky I was to have naturally darker skin and how I shouldn’t try and damage it with harmful sunbeds. My tanning routine reached an all time low and apart from one spray tan which left me looking a similar shade to a bottle of fanta it seemed that natural was the look I was going for. You see I am a bit lazy when it comes to beauty regimes and things like painting my nails is something I see as an absolute chore rather than a enjoyable upkeep.

There are moments in life however when you would like to add a little finesse to your look and perhaps glow up for an evening. In cases like this rather than reverting to sunbeds I’m definitely one to now use bottle tan.  My current go to is the Tantruth dry bronzing oil which is perfect for a gal like me who is pretty inept at self tanning from a product. Without sounding corny this tan is LEGIT as easy as 1,2,3. There are just three simple steps when it comes to using the Tantruth.

1. Prepare
Yourself for tanning with the Perfectionist exfoliating scrub which is great for getting rid of any dead skin and making you feel silky smooth before you glow up (plus it’s a really cute pink colour). It’s nice and easy to use.
2. Apply
The bronzing oil using a tanning mitt and gently apply an even coat all over your body without rubbing in to your skin.
3. Wash off
Allow the tan to dry for about 4-6 hours and then get yourself in the shower and clean off the oil residue.

Afterwards you will be left with a gorgeous even glow which is perfect if you desire a tan that isn’t too heavy. If you wish to create a darker tan though then the bottle advises that you can repeat the steps and apply a second coat however for me just the one is normally enough. Whilst applying the tan I was slightly wary that because the oil was clear that it might dry streaky as I couldn’t quite see where I was applying. However I just kept applying the oil as evenly as I could treating it almost like a moisturiser (without rubbing it in, did I say that already…) and when it had dried I could see I was left with no streaks at all.

If you are looking for a tan which gives you more of a bronzed glow rather than a heavy coverage tan then this really is perfect. It’s so simple to use especially for tanaphobics like myself and the results are gorgeous. Plus this doesn’t have that awful fake tan smell that so many other products seem to carry!


*This product was kindly gifted however all opinions are my own


Author: Natasha Todd