One Of The Trendiest Places to Stay in Bangkok

Happy Monday lovelies. It’s been officially now two weeks since I landed back in the UK bleary eyed after a 12 hour flight, trying to prepare myself to sink back into the reality of cold weather and going back to work. Our two week trip to Thailand seemed to be an absolute blur and a whirlwind of adventures which honestly is hard to reflect on sometimes as it just went by so quickly. The country thrives with a hectic buzz of people bustling day and night and the abundance of things to see and do meant that we were constantly on the go. So clearly I needed at least a fortnight to recover from one of the most amazing trips and steady myself back into reality before diving straight back into my blogging schedule! Today I am bringing you my first travel post from Thailand which reviews the fab little Ching Cha Poshstel (Posh hostel) that we stayed in for a few nights in Bangkok at the start of our trip.

Set right in the heart of Old Bangkok this quirky little hotel/hostel sits right in eye view of the huge tourist attraction the Giant Swing and is just a ten minute walk from the world famous Khoa San Road. A backpackers paradise the road is known for it’s eccentric night life which involves plenty of bustling bars and an amplitude of dubious food offerings (fried tarantulas to be exact). So heading here after a day exploring the city is a must in many young travellers minds.With most of Bangkok’s amazing offerings being just short taxi rides away from the hotel it is really easy to get around to do some great sight seeing. On our first day in Bangkok we headed to the phenomenally beautiful Grand Palace and Wat Pho Temples. We decided to walk there as it seemed a pretty simple route and overall it took about fifteen minutes to get there. In Thailand the streets are often heaving with Taxis and Tuk-Tuks however so if you don’t fancy the walk then a ride would only take five to ten minutes depending on traffic (which can be pretty hectic in Bangkok). In the opposite direction heading away from the river you will head towards the vast city centre filled with colossal skyscrapers and many many shopping centres, you will also find this is just a quick ten minute taxi ride away too. Therefore overall the location is pretty centre to all the city attractions you might want to visit so I can’t recommend it more for this.


 ———- FACILITIES ———-

Ching Cha is simply a mixture of a hotel and hostel. With bunk rooms for travellers looking for affordable travel to private rooms for those more interested in a little privacy it is a wonderful infusion of budget accommodation with the classiness of a hotel. We opted for a Private Room ourselves which came in the wonderful shape of a pod! Basically a circular pod room which although was rather small with space just for the beds it was still endearing to say the least. Though the room may have lacked space the en-suite however was a very spacious well designed bathroom which had the cutest little pug shaped tap!! Facilities for our private room included free bottles of water replenished every day, a hairdryer, large flat screen TV, free wifi and of course towels.As mentioned before, because Ching cha has shared dorms also it meant that on certain floors there were also shared bathrooms. These were also beautifully designed with unique little animal tap heads and green plants a plenty! Downstairs in the reception room there were computers for guests to use and plenty of tourism books and comfy chairs to plonk yourself down in if you wanted to plan your visit to Bangkok down to a tee.

The most enticing of Ching Cha’s facilities however is at the very top of the building and can be found on the roof, for yes – I am talking about a Rooftop Bar. During the morning this area is where guests come to recover from perhaps the night before and grab themselves a bite to eat of Breakfast. It is optional when you book your stay to book the breakfast included in your trip however if you haven’t done this then you can still arrange with reception to have this added on. During the night the roof then turns into a bustling little bar which serves the most delicious cocktails. I highly recommend the strawberry daiquiri if you like something sweet!

Our stay at Ching cha was a very pleasant and comfortable one. Although one thing to point out, the Hostel has no lifts so please be aware if you are looking to book here that climbing stairs is your only way of getting to your room or up to the Rooftop bar. I always enjoy a bit of exercise (blurgh yes I really did just say that) so this did not hinder my experience however if you are adverse to a bit of stair climbing definitely bare this in mind. In my opinion however this really shouldn’t sway your opinion of staying here (unless for health reasons you can’t use stairs) as the interiors and layout of this hostel makes it so endearing to stay at. The place was immaculately clean and the beds were ever so snug and comfortable to sleep in. I honestly have not one complaint.


The price is one of the most appealing parts of the Chinga Cha Hostel. For the two nights we stayed here the price of our Private pod averaged at about £32 altogether which of course works out at £16 a night. This is mind blowingly cheap considering how lovely our stay was and because we are used to paying London prices for hotels nowhere near as nice as this for usually around £100 a night! Plus included in our two night stay was Breakfast each morning which was lovely especially as we got to eat it looking out over the old city of Bangkok and in perfect view of the Giant Red Swing. We booked our stay through also which meant that we didn’t have to pay until we got there and we could easily cancel our booking if we needed to up to about a week before our trip. Ideal!


Has anyone else been to Bangkok, what accommodation recommendations do you have?


Author: Natasha Todd