In a world obsessed with who’s doing what, when, how and where sometimes it’s easy to get yourself caught up in the chaos of what everyone else is up to and forget to focus on your own self. Social media is often seen as a platform used to influence people. It’s there to scroll through the endless outfits of the day, beauty faves and home inspirations amongst many other things. It’s there to lust after material possessions you don’t have and things you wish you did. Twitter can be a tiny insight into the lives of the people you love and the people you love to envy and all through this you suddenly realise you may well have just lost focus on what you are doing.
 Sometimes I will be scrolling through twitter seeing an amplitude of tweets joyously exclaiming that someone’s bought a new house or got a great new job and I suddenly get a pang of emotion. This emotion is not jealousy however but more something a bit like guilt? Or perhaps a feeling of being directionless? Suddenly I think to myself, why haven’t I bought a house yet or shit, can’t believe I haven’t even started working towards a proper career path. Jeeze, why did we decide to buy four take-aways in row rather than popping that money into a saving fund. 


Then a voice suddenly pops into my head like when Dumbledore stands up in the Great Hall and swiftly mutes everyone with one bellow of SILENCE. A voice to hush all those worries whirring around your head at 90 miles an hour and bring you back down to Earth with a firm and resounding bump. You do not need to worry about what everyone else is doing. You are here on this planet to live one life and that’s yours. You are here to live your best life.
Whether you be a home owner at 21 or a home owner at 41 there is no timescale to dictate when something should happen. And um hello my older man crush John Hamm, he waited on tables up to the age of 29 before finally being accepted into the glamorous world of Hollywood. Career paths certainly don’t have a time deadline. So although I know I want to set myself the goal of one day buying my own house or building my own dream career I know that I can only ever go at my own pace to do this. Life is often complicated enough without having to put ridiculous amounts of pressure on yourself to achieve everything you want all at once.

I clap my hands big time to those who have bought houses at a young age or are already well and truly down their career path, it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to get to those places. Though I admire these things I have come to realise I also have a lot of pride in the things I do too. I live my life to the fullest I can and quite honestly when I am old and lounging on my sofa watching Catchphrase on repeat I am pretty sure I will feel like I have no regrets.
So basically what I am saying is if somewhere to ask me are you okay hun? My answer would be yes, I am bloody marvellous. I am here doing me. I am living my best life and making my best memories and realising along the way that there are no rules and regulations to when and how I should be doing this. Time is just a construct and life is here to be lived


Photography by @staceylouisewhite


Red Cigarette Trousers – Topshop
U Ok Hun Tee – LOVE Clothing
Baker Boy Hat – Topshop
Sock Boots – Boohoo
Saddle Bag – Matalan (Shop similar)

Author: Natasha Todd