A Fun Guide To Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Her


Ahh Christmas. We are well and truly into the swing of things now aren’t we? If you don’t have your Christmas tree up and you’re not almost half way through your advent calendar right now then what are you doing with your life? Just kidding.  Jokes aside though we are closing in on the most wonderful day of the year besides Beyonce’s birthday and the stress of festive gift buying is very much upon us. One of the most hair pulling occasions to come with this time of the year has to be partaking in your work Secret Santa. That cold wash of dread as you unfold your piece of paper and do a double take as ~ wait a moment ~ who on earth is Karen from the accounting department? There’s nothing quite worse than having to buy for someone you don’t even know let alone know what they like. However after a little digging you find out a few of their favourite things and hoorah you are one step closer to buying that perfect gift…
Here’s a wee selection of some perfect Christmas gift ideas for her that suit a range of classic tastes from the likes of great brands like Jack Wills, Urban Outfitters and ASOS.

The Selfie Qween

We all have that one person we know that loves snapping away on their iPhone getting endless selfies with everyone at the work Christmas party until they have literally no storage left on their phone. There you are at the bar nonchalantly waiting for the bartender to catch your eye yet next thing you know you have been dragged by the very scruff of your neck into an unsuspecting selfie. Every workplace has one I’m sure of it and if you are lucky enough to get a selfie qween or instagram lover then here are five spectacularly affordable gifts for said person.

5. Inflatable Selfie Frame

The Alcohol Appreciator 

Alcohol, some peoples best friend. To others, a mortal enemy (a foreign concept to myself but I do understand the hangover dread that put many off). For plenty out there however the Christmas season is seen as an excellent excuse to get fabulously pissed for about 5 days on the trot. If you know someone who loves to wake up on Christmas morning with Bucks Fizz to hand then this little selection of gifts might just be what you’re looking for.


The Beauty Obsessed
Beauty is definitely one of the easiest options when hunting out a secret Santa gift, however why not try to home in one some more specific items for the beauty lover in your office. One of my favourite festive gifts this year has to be the NYX mini makeup kit which is fab for people who love having handbag friendly sized beauty items to carry around with them. Perhaps someone is really into makeup artistry? Why not hit them with the Sigma mini brush kit which is an amazing price for some great quality brushes, see you later Kylie Jenner…
(Ps. just kidding Kylie I do love you, I just think your brushes are EXTORTIONATE)

4. Invisibobble Metalic Set

The Homeware Hoarder

Last up is one for the lovers out there of all things homeware. Trendy interiors are on the up and up so why not gift someone with a cute little new addition for their home. Even if perhaps you don’t know exactly what their interior taste is why not go with something timeless and classic as like the gorgeous little photo frame from Urban Outfitters. Every man and his dog has at least one favourite photo of themselves or a memory they would like to display plus the simple gold frame would meet most peoples tastes, hopefully.

5. Neon Light Tube

So there we have my little loves. A small little gift guide of Christmas gift ideas for her for the dreaded Secret Santa season. Hopefully there’s something in there to give you a little old inspiration when it comes to buying an affordable gift for someone you’re just not quite sure what to get…

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Author: Natasha Todd