Homely Touches With Freddie’s Flowers Weekly Subscription Service


It certainly is no secret that one of the nicest touches you can bring to your own home is an arrangement of beautiful fresh flowers. From trestles of Ivy tumbling down bookcases to sweet scented bouquets filling up those lonely corners of your home, you’ll find most proud home owners do love adding some plant life to their homes! The day Oliver and I moved into our first home together one of the immediate things we purchased was a large vase for our coffee table so that we could always have a little life blooming in our living room.
As the Winter months set in, it’s been easy to fall behind with keeping our flowers changed over however and sadly our living room has been looking a little sorry for itself in the later months (except for December because that’s when things get ~oh~so~festive~). I find that during the Summer it’s much easier to keep on top of the wee floral additions to our home, the sun soaks through into our living room all day and the flowers thrive that much longer. In Winter we tend to become lazy, we want to close all the curtains and cosy up under three layers of thick knitted throws and though we still would love to fill our home with flowers the priority of it slips away.

It is so easy in this day and age to allow things you once kept so religiously on top of to fall away. I find myself often struggling to keep on top of simple things like meeting up with friends on a weekly basis and nowadays can often go almost a month without seeing some of my closest loved ones. Life is busy and we all grapple with trying to find that healthy balance however sometimes what we need is to just create a little bit of structure in our lives. If I am able to create a routine for myself I find more often than none I am able to keep on top of things. A routine in life doesn’t just have to just apply to setting a day aside each week to see a friend or go out for dinner with your partner. You can also create structure in so many other aspects of your everyday life ~ for example ~ enrolling into weekly subscription services. These services allow us to keep on top of so many things we can struggle with, from weekly meal plans to beauty survival kits they have it all covered. You can even subscribe to having flowers delivered to your door each week.

One of the most wonderful services to be delivered straight to your door in my eyes is flower subscription services. It is the perfect way of making sure you always have fresh flowers to add that bit of life and beauty to your home. Though there are many Florists that offer weekly delivery services, for me there is one the certainly stands out. Freddie’s Flowers is a gorgeously unique Florist which has been created by of course a Gentleman named Freddie. Coming from a Florist background, Freddie moved on from his parents shop in Pimlico to buying his own milk float which he would run around London (at a max speed of 8 MPH) delivering people their own special bouquets of flowers. Freddie’s brand grew in leaps and bounds and now they have set up shop in the old station at Masters House, Wandsworth Common. Though his Milk Float might not have travelled fast, Freddies hard work and perseverance allowed his service to bloom into the fantastic service it is.

Freddies Flowers are dedicated to their customer service and go out of their way to make life easier for people to get on with their day-to-day lives. Delivering Flowers all over mainland UK they will allocate you a day during the week which will remain the same each week they deliver. Also something I really love is that they are super conscious of the environment and will always ensure that their vans take routes which will keep mileage and emissions nice and low PLUS they even have bikes for deliveries which are close by! If you aren’t going to be in on your day of delivery you can simply tell them a safe place to leave your flowers and if you want to skip a week then you can just let them know and they will make sure to give you a miss. With this service you aren’t tied down to anything and can cancel or skip weeks anytime plus your payment is always taken on the day of delivery just in case!

When my flowers arrived on my chosen delivery day, they were carefully packaged in a brown rustic box with string (~very trendy~) and inside held instructions on how to best prepare and display your flowers – so handy! I placed this gorgeous bouquet on my kitchen counter so the sun could shine on them and give them plenty of light and they look great there. Plus after nearly two weeks they are looking so fresh still.


The website is super duper easy to use as well, and great for if you want to do things like remind yourself when your delivery is due or if you want to take a holiday for a week or two. All you have to do is simply login and manage your deliveries through your Flower Calendar. With all these elements factored in (an online account with Flower Calendar, free delivery service and of course the actual Flowers) the total price for this subscription service is just £22 a week which is perfect for anyone who wants to be able to consistently stick to keeping their house filled with fresh flowers.

PS. If you have left your Christmas shopping very last minute and need some inspiration for a gift for a loved one why not consider Freddies Flowers! A continuously charming gift perfect for perhaps your Mum or a house proud Sister!

*Thank you to Freddies Flowers for the wonderful service and gifting me these flowers for a review. All opinions are one hundred percent my own.


Author: Natasha Todd