Why I Enjoy Being An Affordable Lifestyle Blogger

January 15, 2018

When I first started my blog back in 2016 I had many visions of grandeur for the path I was about to embark on. Though perhaps right now I may not be lying on a beach in paradise on some fancy travel campaign – I do feel like I have stuck solidly with the blogging goals I once laid out for myself. As you possibly know about me already, there was one particular reason I started a blog. I always felt like I was inspired by so much content on social media however was constantly left disappointed when I saw the price tags that came with it.  For me, I loved the idea of being able to create the similar beautiful imagery which had inspired me so but instead use products which were budget friendly. I wanted someone to look at my pictures and think wow that outfit looks so desirable ~ and wait ~ it’s super affordable too.

Staying grounded throughout my journey in blogging has been one of the most important things to me as with everything in life, I feel it is so important to always always stay true to yourself. Hundreds of blog posts, Instagram photos and tweets later over the course of time I feel like I can safely say that I have done just that. I have collaborated with some amazing brands over the past year and always stayed loyal to my belief that if I wouldn’t buy it with my own money then why would I refer it to my readers. Realising how much I have stuck by my content aspirations definitely makes me feel proud and it spurs me on to really make affordable living something that looks inspirational! Though designer handbags are gorgeous and should never be denied as a treat to yourself (and never should anyone be ashamed of showing off their luxury goodies)  I also want people to want to be proud to shop budget and show off that even a £5 top can make you feel fabulous! High street can be just as good as High end.


My travels through blogging have enabled me to appreciate that there are some incredible up and coming online brands which really specialise in budget friendly fashion and one in particular that stood out for me towards the end of 2017 has to be LOTD.com 

Look of the day is not only a popular hash tag on Instagram to unite fashion savvy gals but it’s also an online clothing brand which looks to connect women of all ages over their love of style. Just one look at their website homepage shows you that this brand is all about bringing women inspiration to look good everyday for amazing affordable prices. It’s easy to be wary when an online store has prices which are too good to be true, where’s the snag? Are the clothes bad quality? Are they going to be a bad fit? Maybe the postage will take forever and a day? I can confirm that the answer to all of these questions is a resounding no. Based in the UK the brand has no problem with delivering items out quickly and efficiently, the items were great quality and true to size.

I really value how easily transferable the clothing can be across different day to day styles. These check trousers have firmly become a favourite item in my wardrobe as the elasticated waist makes them super comfy for everyday wear. Some days I will team them with a black roll neck and wear them for a day in the office or other days I will put them on with a deep plunge blouse and pair of chunky heels for some evening drinks. Items which can you mix up with different styles are definitely a must have!


*Some items in this post were kindly gifted by LOTD.com

2018 for me, is going to be all about continuing with developing my own brand as a blogger. I have worked hard to evolve my niche of affordable living and hope that this year I can really expand more on it. 2018 is especially going to be about staying true to my beliefs and own lifestyle choices. I really aspire this year to develop my own content completely around who I am as a person, the things I like and most especially the things I believe in. Here’s to 2018 being the year of YOU!

Adieu for now! x


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N A T A S H A 	• T O D D

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