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A couple of months ago I declared on Twitter that it was time for me to start getting a little more personal on my blog. To be precise I think I described it as doing a few more ‘chatty get to know me’ posts. So here we are in 2018 and here I am trying to bring my best self into my blog and social media, here goes.

You see the reason why I want to bring a more personal touch to my blog is because I love getting to know people, you know like really getting to know people. People intrigue me and the more I get to know them the more I want to connect with them, basic human instinct right. However when I look at the way I present myself on Social media I don’t behave the way I expect a relatable gal to behave. So how do I expect people to want to connect with me if I am not really putting myself out there. I don’t tend to share too much personal info about myself, I have a lack for sharing my day to day activities on Instagram stories and I update Twitter once a day on a good week.  I don’t present much for people to relate to I suppose and yet that’s what I’m meant to be all about, the favourite word of 2017 relatability! 

I’m not saying I need to share every little detail of my life on social media, because I know myself I am far too lazy and complacent to be able to handle that. However just getting better at utilising the tools that social media gives me would be a step in the right direction. So after much going round the houses about why I want to share more on social media let me get to the nitty gritty of this post. I love the idea of bringing this personal touch I speak of to my blog and also bringing something like a newsletter of sorts. A little catch up post to discuss the weeks events and fill you in on whats going. Plus I love the idea of having a chilled out post to always go up on a Sunday. So, shall I get on with it?


thoughts on the week

I want to read more books:

I really want to start getting more organised with my life you know. Make time to be able to do the little simple pleasures which I’ve been missing out on recently. One thing I miss in particular is reading. As a kid I used to be obsessed with reading. I can remember being a bit of a book worm in school and racing through all the Roald Dahl books I could find, James and the Giant Peach was my absolute fave. I used to stick by my dads side like glue as a kid so whilst he cooked our dinner that night I would sit on a little stool on the kitchen floor (by the tumble dryer for extra warmth and cosiness) and read my books. So it frustrates me greatly now that my ability to always have a never ending to do list gets in the way of little things like picking up a good book! Over on Instagram this week I asked you guys for some good book suggestions to get me motivated to start reading and I got some really good ones. So lets hope I can get back to being my little book worm self. If you have any good book suggestions, please pop them in the comments I would love to hear them!

I need to get more organised:

 In light of wanting to get back into reading I realised it’s time to get organised with my life and I mean really organised. Like spreadsheets and shit. Honestly I created a few spreadsheets this week to help my stay on top of things like the collaborations I am working on/have coming up and also a financial spreadsheet to stay on top of budgeting and saving! These have both been really helpful so far as I feel like it has kept me in a more organised mindset for both my work and finances. So I am quickly realising that if I can just stay on top of things better it will definitely make it much easier to fit more of the things I want to do in life in! One of the worst things I do is say to someone ‘oh yes let’s get coffee and hangout’ I say this regularly to people and never follow through with it. If I had a pound for every time I suggested making plans and then never doing it, I’d be fucking rich. I also tend to put things on the back burner, things that would just take two seconds to do but instead end up basically living on my to do list until the end of time. I want to leave this behind in 2017 to be honest. I don’t want to be that person who isn’t reliable to make plans with. I want to wake up on  Sunday morning and know that I have sweet fuck all to do because I had completed everything on my to do list. This coming week I plan to tick a few things off the list and finally get ahead of my blogging schedule, so fingers crossed I do actually do that.

plans for the week ahead

Plan one: survive Monday. No but in all seriousness I have been feeling so sluggish recently. Has anyone else been finding this? I’m currently putting it down to struggling to get up in the mornings because it’s so dark and my eyes still feel tired from adjusting to the darkness. Is that a thing? This week if my grand scheme of organisation goes to plan then I aim by Friday to buy a book to start reading. Plus it’s perfect timing as I have a trip down to London to see my babes Laura and Stacey for some brunching and shooting. Therefore I can utilise my time on the train to read rather than my usual scrolling back and forth between Instagram and Twitter. It’s surprising how quickly an hour can go when you are doing that though tbf. I am very excited to see the girls this weekend also, it’s been about two months since I saw them and we always have such a laugh together. Two very gorgeous, funny and down to earth girls, I love them!

playlist for the week

Also super fun little addition (in my eyes) to my chatty posts is going to be my weekly playlist! If you are like me then you will know life partly revolves around music, it is good food for the soul. So each week I will be sharing some of my favourite songs to listen to. This week I have chosen a couple of new favourites, Dua Lipa you are giving me so much life right now. Also in the pot is some Neil Diamond as I heard this week that he has officially retired after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s which is incredibly upsetting news as I am a huge fan of Neil. Plus I’ve thrown two songs in about Jeans as I bought a new pair from Zara this week and they are the exact pair of comfy mom jeans I’ve been looking for.

I’ve recently discovered the amazing brand Lily Lulu Fashion who kindly gifted me this fabulous checked blazer* seen in this post, which you can shop here 

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All my love, Tash x

By Natasha Todd

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  • Shannon

    I can definitely relate, when I was a kid a would tear through books like no other! I always had my nose in a book, but now not so much. I’m so passionate about books and yet don’t make enough time for it. This year I’m prioritizing reading and am aiming for one book a month! I shared 12 books for 2018 on my blog if you need more reading suggestions.

    Shann Eileen |

    • One book a month is such a good idea!! I need to set myself a goal something like this I think to encourage me to read again! Thank you so much for the suggestion lovely I will definitely be checking out your post!!! xx