Some Beauty Favourites from Just My Look

Happy Thursday people. We are one more day in the week down and literally one more day away from the weekend. Happy bloody days ‘ay. Today I am bringing to you a little online shopping discovery I recently made which has totally switched up how I shop for my favourite beauty bits. Now, I’m quite a basic gal when it comes to makeup. I tend to go for a simple glowy foundation look, rarely use eyeliner and definitely can admit my brows are not fleeky. However there is one thing I do love and that’s eye-shadow palettes. I just love how creative you can be with eye-shadows and how totally gorgeous blending colours can be. It’s my favourite part of getting ready for a night out, though I will say that it doesn’t always quite go to plan. Cut creases why do you defy me.

My love of eyeshadow palettes comes with a price tag which I am not so fond of. I mean do I really want to pay £50 odd for a pallete I mainly use on the weekends. Not really. Therefore I definitely don’t own as many palettes as I would truly like to. So my discovery of Just My Look couldn’t have come sooner tbh. Essentially Just My Look is an online beauty retailer who houses up to 150 popular brands from the likes of Urban Decay, GHD and The Ordinary. From cosmetics to haircare it covers all aspects for beauty addicts and also offers some items at discounted prices with free delivery to all UK mainland areas. So for example, I luckily received The Balm Nude Beach Palette which is retailing in Debenhams for £32.00 – you can pick this up in store for free of course or delivery will normally cost you about £3.00. From Just My Look this product is available for £27.20 and the shipping is free. Just a little saving but still a saving and as I love to say, a little bit goes a long way. Here’s a few bits I picked up:

The Balm Nude Beach Eyeshadow Palette

I have never tried the Balm before but have always wanted to after reading a few good reviews and also always spying it whilst browsing in Debenhams. I am definitely allured to the packaging, it’s so fun and cute with it’s illustrated designs. This palette is quite similar to the Urban Decay Naked Heat with a little less of a price tag on it so I favoured trying this more especially as I hate giving in to the hype sometimes and like to try different things. I have been really in need of a good warm palette as with my brunette locks, warm looks are my favourite to create. Plus I love how much you can switch up between day to night with these shades.

Just My Look: £27.20

The Balm Mad Lash Mascara

So in keeping with trying out the The Balm for the first time, I also decided to give one of their mascaras a go. Being a gal who has always loved the Benefit Roller Lash I have been a keen bean to try and find a similar product for a more affordable price. This mascara is certainly a fraction of the price compared to Benefit and I think I may even dare to say that for my lashes this mascara also works much better than the Roller Lash. Though I adored that mascara my one gripe was that I felt I needed to apply a couple of coats at least to get the volume I desired. I loved the curl and definition it provided but it was just lacking ever so slightly in volume. With the Mad Lash Mascara however I definitely was aware of how defined and dark my lashes looked after just the one coat with no clumps at all. The curved wand also gives my lashes plenty of length and I have recently ended up ditching my lash curlers, which I think says a lot.

Just My Look: £12.95

Ecotools Define and Highlight Duo

I think I got my first Ecotools brush when I was about 18 and funnily enough I still use it to this day. So if that isn’t a sign of a good quality brush then I don’t know what is. My first brush was the all over powder brush which I think has had a bit of an update since those many years ago. However it’s still just as soft as the day I bought it and more impressively has suffered from no bristle loss. When I realised I was in urgent need of a new highlight brush (because my only fan brush was cheap and the bristles were NOT soft) I decided to turn to the brand which has never let me down. These brushes are so soooo soft and blend out so well. In fact they made me realise just how important a good brush is when it comes to makeup tbh. I could see such a vast difference between applying highlighter with my old fan brush compared to the application with this one, my highlighter was blending out nicely across the tops of my cheek bones creating a melted glow rather than just a bold strip of glimmer. Hoorah.

Just my look: £7.99

*These products were kindly gifted to me however all opinions are my own

So glad it’s Friday tomorrow guys! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and see you back here for a post on Sunday! Possibly thinking of doing a more in depth review of the Palette also, let me know if you’d be interested.

All my love. Tash x

Author: Natasha Todd