Everyday I’m Feeling More Conscious of Wasting Time

Even though it’s one of the most obvious things in the world, I’ve only recently become so aware of what little amount of time we have on this planet. It’s not like I’ve suddenly woken up and had an epiphany that life is short, because I do know that. It’s more just as I get older you really start to realise just how quickly time passes you by.  One minute it was 2010 and your getting pretty darn drunk with your mates at the uni social and then next thing you know your getting in on a Friday night from a long day at work and your saying to yourself jeez where did that week go. A couple of things have happened recently to the people who surround me that has really thrown a whole new light onto the truth that life can be taken away in a momentary second. Now stick with me here, this post isn’t a morbid one but I do feel like I need to highlight how precious life is so I then can go on to make my point of truly appreciating the importance of making the most of time. We all know those classic sentiments people like to share…

Life is too short to…

not enjoy every moment

hold grudges

not make the most of it

not eat that cake!!!!

not do the things you love

We all know the sayings. We get told them on a daily basis right? But how often do we really let it sink in the true sentiment of these statements. How often do we allow time to slip through our fingers and then look back in a guilt over the things we could have done but never did. This year I am putting my bloody foot down and I am saying no more to wasting time. Over my 2017 there were plenty of moments I could have seen more friends, written more blog posts and done more of the things I loved but for some reason I let these opportunities slip from me. The reasons why? Sometimes lack of organisation. Sometimes not having enough money. Sometimes laziness. A lot of the time it was down to time just getting the better of me. You pin a to-do note to the notice board in your head and then the next thing you know it’s 7 months later and you never went for that weekend spa trip you promised your friend (so guilty).

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So this year it’s time to change my tune. I am so conscious looking back over the past few years and feeling that I have let myself down in making the most of the wonderful things that have been given to me. A wonderful boyfriend who cares for me devotedly; a beautiful family and friends who fill life with pleasure; a healthy body which enables me to walk, run, laugh, enjoy food endlessly and so the list goes on; a blog which gives me creative joy and most importantly time. For every second I get to live my crazy little whirlwind life it is an utter blessing and I want to fulfil all the seconds I can get.

I’m going to cram every month with as much as I can because I don’t know about you but even though it’s flipping knackering, there’s nothing more satisfying than looking back on all the things you’ve done and feeling glad you only went and bloody did ’em. Plus I have a lot of catching up to do at the moment really. I have friends in Leeds, Norway, Prague, London and the list goes on that I have promised to visit for ~ well I’m not going to tell you the amount of time because I can’t take the heat of how much of a bad friend I am ~ and for one thing 2018 is definitely going to be about finally spending time with them. Now don’t get me wrong I know life is busy and it’s not always as easy as just clicking your fingers and saying I am going to do this. And sometimes, well sometimes you just need a weekend to do fuck all and take a breather. What I’m getting at is trying to stop putting off the things you really want to do though. Life is too short to be doing the things you don’t want to do. And I for one don’t want to look back and have any regrets. For me this year is about thinking about the things I want to do and finding achievable ways to do this. Finding spare weekends in the diary to go on fun adventures, spend time with loved ones, pursue careers, travel up the country to see long lost friends, getting on top of that blogging schedule. Life may be short but we are definitely given the time to try and achieve the things we really want, we just need to give a little of our time back right?

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So what do you think guys? Do you ever feel a little conscious of needing to make up for lost time?

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Love Tash x

Author: Natasha Todd