Finding Your Perfect Denim Style With Matalan

Recently in my post, finding time to discover my personal style I touched on the fact that finding staple items for your wardrobe is one of my favourite key elements to not overspending when it comes to keeping up with trends. One of the most staple items which can grace a wardrobe ~in my opinion~ is a pair of good fitting jeans. Whatever your favourite wash or style, one pair of nice denim jeans can be teamed to make so many different outfits. From your classic jeans and a nice top combo to a slouchy jumper and mom jeans for some laidback luxe, that’s what makes a pair of denims so staple. So here are some of my top tips for finding your perfect denim style in collaboration with the New denim range at Matalan!

Finding your perfect fit:

The discussion of finding clothes to fit your body shape is one that’s decades old. Of course to some degrees I certainly understand and agree why it might be necessary to use the shape of your body to determine the type of clothes you buy. Perhaps you’re a lucky sod with the legs of a gazelle and therefore a pair of slim fitting black jeans is going to be an obvious choice as it’s really going to accentuate the length of your legs. However the truth is I think the perfect fit of jeans really comes down to the ones you feel most comfortable in. Whether it be a pair of slouchy mom jeans perfect for hiding the sins of the three takeaways you scoffed over the weekend and all you want to do is just let everything hang loose. Or whether it be a pair of super tight skinnies designed for showing off that peachy behind you’ve squatting away on, whatever makes you feel good is what you should wear.

How to find your perfect wash:

There are quite a few different types of denim wash and finish styles to keep your eye on, too many tbh. But if you were to try and narrow down what your perfect wash is I think you really need to home into what your main sense of style is. Now you could be a complete chaotic fashionista like myself, which basically means there is no rhyme nor reason to your style. One day you fancy wearing a flowery maxi dress the next you are in a tailored two piece suit.  However there are things you know you like and things you know will suit your personal style whatever it may be. For me I am a mix of laid-back streetwear with a touch of tailored style. I like my feminine items but I also enjoy my more edgier of sorts and most importantly I like to take my inspiration from a lot of 80s fashion. Therefore my perfect wash is normally either a mid wash (a softer mid blue shade) or else the classic raw denim .

Picking the perfect jeans to suit your style:

As previously mentioned, I have never really restricted myself to having one kind of style trend to follow. I live by the rule that if you like it, try it. So with Matalan’s great range of new Denim picks I was definitely spoilt for choice over what jeans to add to my wardrobe. In the end I went for three choices which fit my day-to-day needs the most! A pair of comfy dungarees to fulfil my ever growing 80’s fashion needs. A pair of skin tight black jeans ready to be teamed with a cute blouse and heels for the weekend and a pair of denim jeggings perfect to team with an oversized knit in this midst of these crazy snow storms we’ve been having! The key things I always look for when selecting jeans is whether they fit right, are comfortable, long wearing and affordable! I think it’s safe to say that Matalans denim range definitely fits the bill for my requirements which this amazing budget range.

The Effortless Denim Dungarees

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The Super Tight Skinny Jeans


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The Comfy Denim Jeggings 


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*These items were kindly gifted by Matalan however all thoughts are my own.

What are your tips for finding the perfect denim jeans? Let me know below!

Tash x

Author: Natasha Todd