Saying Goodbye To The January Slump

February 1, 2018


Happy February queens. Now that the year two-thousand-and-January is over we can all breathe a sigh of relief. And yes that’s right, I did just refer to January as it’s own Year. If I were to list the most repeated phrases of January 2018 I am pretty sure number one would be: Why is January the longest month ever right now. This year it was more than obvious that people were feeling the lull and drag of the slow first month of 2018. A general lack of motivation seemed to hang in the air like a bad smell and I am quite aware I wasn’t the only one to feel a little slow in getting back into the swing of things. Though the yearning to spill all my thoughts & feelings onto the pages of my blog was certainly there, the actual ability to put pen to paper or should I say fingers to keyboard was not so much happening. Many an evening has been spent sat in front of the computer willing myself to get ahead of the schedule and write up some witty posts. However reality was that many an evening was spent staring blankly at the screen whilst devouring half of a 48 piece Toffifee box. But, is it really possible to blame the concept of the month of January for this slump? Probably not. I think the reason for this lack of mojo is truthfully going to have to be put down to a mental state of mind.

Firstly, Christmas is over and that in itself is a very sad affair. During the festive season people are just automatically filled with more merriment and it’s hard to not get caught up in that infectious festive cheer that fills the air during December. To suddenly go from watching Harry Potter on ITV everyday to the harsh reality of going back to work and a normal day-to-day routine, well that’s just enough to sober anyone up.

Then there’s the dark mornings and dark nights which make the days seem so short. You’re alarm rudely awakens you in the morning and rather than being greeted by those rays of sun which normally peak through your curtains your instead faced with pitch black, fumbling around the room for the light switch and ultimately stubbing your toe in the search. It’s difficult to feel as enthusiastic about the morning when it’s spent like this everyday. As for the evenings, the quicker I can get home and into my favourite corner of the sofa buried under 3 jumpers and head nestled under Ollies wing, the better. I do not have time to be venturing outside in the evenings when it’s so dark and cold outside thank you very much.

Lastly I think some of the slump has to do with the pressure that comes with January and in terms of blogging the actually pressures of creating good content. People see the New Year as a way of kick starting whatever they want to do. Whether it be a new health regime, decorating that spare bedroom you’d been putting off since 2000-and-forever or just trying to bring your a game to your work (aka my blog content) I think people see January as the perfect time to do it. Before you know it you’ve been sucked into the whirlwind of wanting to also use January as the ideal excuse to make these big changes. Though looking at the New Year is a great way to get into a motivational mindset I think it can also end up feeling quite an artificial one. Here you are trying to force yourself to bring your A Game to life immediately like you can just magic it out of thin air. Like a fine wine (not sure why I should use this reference as I detest the vinegary drink) but yes like a fine wine, good content gets better with time. You can’t just click your fingers and be exactly where you want to be in life can you, sadly. Everything takes time and hard work, and this is true for everything in life not just blogging content. So the best way to bring your mojo back is just give it time. Take your time and let it find it’s way back to you. After all we do have another 11 months of the year left to kick some blogging ass.


I think January has proven to be a good month to just slide back into day-to-day life and just adjust to the new Year in general. We all know it’s never the best month anyway thanks to it’s seemingly endless duration mixed with wilting bank balances and as previously mentioned (and much begrudged by myself) days of little light. With February comes more light each day and hopefully the promise of that enthusiasm and drive you’ve been searching for.

Tell me loves, am I the only who felt the January slump or did you feel it too?

Adieu for now, Tash x

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