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The Weekly Catchup : Less is more on Valentines Day

Practise what you preach…

There are times in your life when you take even your own self by surprise. Sometimes in good ways. Sometimes in bad ways. The other day I took myself a little by surprise when I chickened out of doing something I ~at first~ thought would be quite easy. If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you would have seen that during my weekend in London with Stacey and Laura we found ourselves a rather opportune moment when an old London bus pulled into the Petrol station we were strolling past. Donned on my head was my very bold red Topshop beret which we all decided would look perfect in shot with the bus. So I put my game face on and started marching towards the bus ready to ask the driver if he would mind me hopping on board for a couple of quick snaps. As I drew closer the march turned to an amble and then that quickly turned to a very hesitant crawl. I quickly turned to Stacey and mumbled I was too scared to ask and maybe we should just drop the idea.

 HEY TASH, who’s this new you?

After much, I can’t do this, no wait, yes I can, Stacey kindly took the reigns and ran up to the driver to ask if she could take some photos of me on the bus. He was more than happy to oblige and allowed me to jump onto the back stairs and pose away whilst he filled up with petrol. Such an easy situation which I myself just let get the better of me. The funny thing is I have always been an advocate for never letting anything stop you from getting what you want. I always say to people, you have to try because what’s the worse that’s going to happen, will you die? Honestly, that is my number one advice line. I always believe that unless something is going to have a possible serious negative impact, y’know like maiming or death ect then what is ever truly stopping you? I think this little incident made me realise I need to believe in myself a little more and definitely practise what I preach.

Less is more on Valentine’s day…

I know what you’re thinking you saucy buggers but no I’m not talking about wearing less clothes (that’s for later…)

I’m just talking about the day in general. I was dabbling this year with the idea of doing some valentines posts on the old blog however I decided in the end not to. You see though I do enjoy doing something special each February 14th I don’t really buy into much else around the whole Valentines holiday. In my personal preference I didn’t fancy doing a gift guide or a lingerie post as tbh why do we need a certain day of the year to wear a sexy little two piece lingerie set. We should celebrate wearing lingerie wherever and whenever we like. Within reason.

Ollie and I don’t tend to go too big on Valentine’s day, we like to keep it sweet and simple. Some people absolutely despise the day as they see it as commercialising an everyday normal thing.  Some people on the other hand adore it and go way over the top with gifts, flowers and declarations of love. We are somewhere in-between all the chaos. We enjoy having  a day to just be a little more romantic and usually treat ourselves to a fancy dinner out. We definitely don’t believe in buying each other gifts, but a cute little card and maybe some flowers (for me ovbs) doesn’t go amiss.

So as you can see, for us less is definitely more. To be honest. Valentine’s day is definitely just an excuse to take a break and enjoy some time to ourselves but it’s an excuse we very much love to use. Ollie has quite an on-the-go job in computer engineering which keeps him busy and definitely tires him out. Me on the other hand, I am constantly drowning under my to-do list whilst I juggle a full time job/blog. So an evening to switch off, eat a lot of good food and just enjoy each other’s company is going to be highly anticipated.

Surround yourself by the people you want to…

This is definitely a topic for a full blog post one day as I know it’s a subject many people have thoughts on and it’s something I have definitely experienced through growing up. As you get older you realise you are no longer interested in having lots and lots of friends but instead having a handful of people who you can call your good friends.

During my time at University I was someone who loved being everybody’s friend. I adored meeting new people and having a network of different acquaintances to do different fun things with. Post university however I realised that over time I became more selective with who I let into my life and kept my friendship circle much much smaller than my uni days. Similar to my friendships at university my party/social life was much the same. I loved going out at least 4/5 times a week and I would party with anybody or anyone who wanted to dance the night away under the influence of at least 6 Jager bombs. Big nights out and large circles of friends went hand in hand at University so naturally upon leaving this quickly petered off. Time spent with friends became more centred around doing other things we enjoyed like day trips out and mini breaks away, making the most of each other’s company rather than drunkenly yelling at each other over the hideously loud speakers booming out the same old chart hits in Vodka Revs.

Surrounding yourself with people who you actually enjoy being around whilst doing things you really enjoy doing is definitely one of the highlights of getting older and something Ollie and I have learnt to appreciate through our mid-twenties. This week I was faced with a decision which basically involved surrounding myself around people who I know I dislike. In the past I would have perhaps still gone in an attempt to be a people pleaser however this time around I made a decision not to go. Life is too short to do the things you don’t want to do and it’s definitely too short to suffer in the audience of people you don’t like.

Hope you enjoy my little Valentines playlist for the week. Are you a lover or a hater of February 14th? Let me know below!

Tash x

By Natasha Todd

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