A Military Style Lookbook With Rokit Vintage

March 13, 2018

Let’s talk about one of my favourite discussions to have on my blog: why I think my style seems to change so much from one day to the next. Let’s be honest I think know the truth already, I hate being constricted to one thing and I as soon as I see something I like I want to wear it regardless of whether it fits into my ‘style’ or not. Sorry guys that you have to hear me say it so much but I honestly think the more I talk about it the more I accept that I will never be one for having a one kind of style. I’ll always be the one going with the flow. But that’s alright….right? Fashion at the end of the day is about wearing what you like and feeling good.

The reason why I feel like I am so conscious of my varying style is definitely partly down to the fact that I am aware of how much my style has changed since University. I can safely say I was a lot more adventurous with my taste (think bold patterned tights and smock dresses) compared to how I dress now. Of course a lot of that is due to the admirable care free nature I once possessed and maybe a somewhat negligence to realise what I was actually wearing. I mean, in all honesty, some of those smock dresses were essentially tops. Queue a ‘how my fashion has changed over the years’ post being put in my drafts so I can share with you guys just how bad it got. Besides the terrible taste in floral tights and dresses however, there is one part of my taste which I do still approve of and have definitely carried with my through the years, and that of course is vintage.

Having the fortune to attend University in London meant very regular trips with friends to Camden Market and Brick Lane in the attempts to find the very best vintage bargains ~ oh Camden how I miss your street food markets so ~ and one place which was a favourite haunt was Rokit Vintage. My favourite finds would often consist of oversized tartan knit jumpers, tea dresses and denim jackets. I mean who doesn’t love a good denim jacket and cute dress combo. Though this may have been my uni go-to wardrobe there are definitely a still items which I have carried through my years with me to my current wardrobe and that’s something I love about vintage wear. It’s not a trend that comes and goes, it’s a timeless fashion which you can always rely on.

Now as I’ve just mentioned, Rokit has always been a favourite go-to for some of my best vintage finds. However recently they have inspired me to take on a new style trend which has been circulating the fashion industry for a while now. The Military look. Fresh in their online store, Rokit have recently introduced a new Military range which takes on military pieces and gives them new homes. This is one thing that should be really noted about Rokit and vintage houses in general, over years and years many of these places are able to recycle millions of tons of clothing which of course is a wonderful contribution to sustainable fashion and something I am very much here for.

Military is something that comes in and out of style like the tides of the sea, so it’s something always worth having in the wardrobe as you can always rely on this type of style. Fashun is loving tailored pieces right now which is also another reason why Military is so right as it can fit right in with those type of fitted clothes. For my lookbook I decided to take this 80s utility style shirt and dress it in two ways. Firstly with a classic vintage dress which I also picked up from Rokit with the shirt wrapped and tied around my waist to add a bit more shape and fit to the outfit. Secondly with my new favourite pair of 80s Lees also from Rokit for a more laidback luxe type of look. Very comfy and very streetwear.

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*Some of the items in this post were kindly gifted

Thank you for checking out my Military inspired lookbook in collaboration with Rokit Vintage kids! What are your thoughts on Vintage fashion?

Tash x

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