Learning to Let my Creativity Flow

I love that feeling you get when you get an idea and your creative juices start flowing. There is something so motivating about feeling inspired. I think it’s something all us bloggers get the joy of experiencing. However the creative flow certainly isn’t like an ever lasting fountain, and isn’t always here to stay. In fact one of the most frustrating aspects of blogging ~for me~ has always been the stop start motions of my content ideas.

Do you ever feel like when you’re away from the computer your brain is like a high speed train on full steam ahead, and the next stop will be your greatest idea yet. Words are tumbling into your mind as your piece together what can only be considered (in your opinion) as your next greatest written masterpiece. Many a walk home has been spent internally narrating to myself paragraphs of thought provoking musings dotted with catchy hard hitting sentences. However the moment I plonk myself down in front of the laptop the words stop flowing and the ability to spill thoughts onto the page is pretty much non existent.

Frustratingly, inspiration takes hold of us at the times we least expect it and seems to often wane at the times when you look for it the most. And for me, this is a frustration I am aiming to let go of more this year. Instead of trying to force out the content I wish I could create I think it’s time I let the creativity flow naturally and let this space on the internet become completely my own.

I think I speak for more than myself here when I say, the work we enjoy the most is the work we feel enthusiastic about.

If you are trying to write up a blog post but the ideas are stuck and you don’t feel your heart is in the words you are forcing out, then stop. Step away. Why pressure yourself to create something that you really aren’t feeling. Stay true to yourself and let the love of your content shine through by allowing yourself to put 100% into your work. This is something I realised the other day as I sat distracting myself with everything in the room besides my post. I wasn’t in the moment. I wasn’t feeling myself. And the more I tried to get the words out the more frustrated I became. There was no joy in that afternoon let me tell you.

So I told myself to step away, go watch 4 episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race and eat a share bag of Doritos to yourself.

Come back to this later when you feel more inspired and motivated. So that’s what I did. I curled up on the sofa, binged Netflix and may or may not have fallen asleep for about 40 minutes. When I woke up I immediately felt a little more on the ball but I still wasn’t totally there so I decided to wait for the next day & get a fresh start. And I’m bloody glad I did. It gave me time to think about what I really wanted to write about in this post and how I wanted to write it. So when fingers came to keyboard the words became unstuck and flowed so much easier. What a result ‘ay. Plus it gave me the idea of what to write for this post so thank god for that…

My theory about stepping back when you’ve hit a brick wall is something I have also been applying to Instagram of late. A little while ago I found myself constantly pushing myself to post everyday without fail. I was obsessed with creating this little daily routine of having something to post. However in the process I really started to dislike the content I was producing. I was so busy trying to have something anything to post that I would publish pictures I didn’t love just so I would have something to go up that day.

This made me really disappointed after a while in my overall Instagram. What joy I once had in posting to Instagram was slowly circling the drain as I lost pride in my content.

So recently I said to myself enough.

If I don’t have something to post on Instagram that I don’t L O V E then I don’t. I take a day off. I wait until I have a picture which gives me that feeling inside like – yup that’s the money maker and then I hit post. And to be honest folks with the dwindling enjoyment of Instagram thanks to it’s hideous algorithm and irritating follow/unfollow system – there needs to be some kind of enjoyment in posting still otherwise what really is the point?

Blouse: Lily Lulu*, Jeans: Rokit*, Beret: New Look, Shoes: Matalan*

What do you like to do when you’re feeling a little less motivated? Let me know below! 🙂

Tash x

Author: Natasha Todd