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I’ll be honest, I’ve always wanted to do a what’s in my bag post however the opportunity has always eluded me and only now ~ two years deep into blogging ~ have I finally managed to get round to doing the infamous WIMB post! A little side note, there are a couple of obvious items missing from this post, such as my purse and my phone but in truth my purse is a little worse for wear right now after being maybe shown a little less love then I ought to. And in regards to my phone, well we all know what an iPhone looks like right. So yes, that’s how that is…

I have been a fan of Radley London Bags for as long as I can remember and after recently introducing the Radley Lambeth Mews into my life I couldn’t not share this little beauty on my blog. And what better way to do it than sharing my essential handbag contents which get me through my day to day life. I have always been a huge fan of beautiful grainy leather bags and even more so for anything in tan so when I saw this little wonder I knew it would fit perfectly into my wardrobe. Cross body bags are also my number one go-to when it comes to handbags as I am the type of gal who goes for comfort and ease over everything else. For a small little bag it’s nice and roomy inside considering the size and has handy little slip pocket compartments for keeping your items separated. Unless of course you are me and bung everything together and hope for the best. I can see this bag is going to be making it’s way straight to the top for my Spring Wardrobe bag and I am looking forward to it giving my Spring outfits that perfect finishing touch.

I have always really enjoyed reading these what’s in my bag posts for two reasons. Firstly I love to fawn over peoples choices of lovely handbags. Secondly because it’s such a realistic insight into the handy day-to-day things people really use. Of course I love my product review posts as I enjoy reading what people recommend but what I really want to know about you is what products you cant survive the day without. What do you really rely on to get you through each working day. So without further ado here are my day-to-day essentials…

A great pocket-sized read: One thing I truly love about my Lambeth Mews bag is the soft supple leather means it’s easy to squeeze all those extra bits in. I recently purchased milk and honey to read in my spare on the go moments and the best thing about it is it’s the perfect size to slot nicely into my bag amongst my other bits and bobs. If you haven’t heard about this bestseller then milk and honey is simply a collection of hard hitting and powerfully written poems and prose embracing the experiences of violence, abuse, love and loss. It is incredibly honest and eye opening into the struggles of the different types of pain life can bring. I can 100% recommend putting this on your reading list.

Staple Ray-bans: These accessories aren’t just for sun let me tell you. It cold be the dreariest darkest day in winter but if I have a hangover then you can trust me the sunglasses are on. Plus last week I decided in what can only be described as a moment of madness to walk to work in the snow storm. The roads were unusable and bus services where suspended so I thought, fuck it, lets try and walk it. There I am battling against the snow, the wet giant flakes of ice lashing against my face – I had no other the choice. The sunglasses had to come out. Eye protection against the snow, it’s a thing right? So as you can see, a good pair of classic sunglasses is always a must as you might never know when you need them.

Heavenly smelling Hand Moisturiser: You may have caught my post in December talking about these perfect handbag sized hand creams and 2/3 months on I am definitely still using them. I love all the seasonal scents of the body shop hand creams, so much so that I like to rotate them so that I never run out of any of the scents. Currently on the go at the moment is the Pumpkin vanilla scent which I can confirm, does smell like a delicious pumpkin spiced latte, god I miss those things. The creams feel so silky soft to apply and leave your hands nourished plus the scent has an amazing lasting power and your hands will smell great for hours on end. At just £5 a pop these are a great little budget friendly item perfect to pop in your bag.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm: Though I’m still recovering from the vivid nightmares of last weeks snow storms. Tad on the dramatic side there as yes I do love the snow but walking about in that slippy tundra last week was definitely not the one. My lips however are not having to recover as much as I have made sure to keep them super hydrated all through these past winter months. My current go to balm at the moment is the Pomegranate Burt’s Bees moisturising lip balm. I love how fresh the scent is and how buttery and smooth my lips feel after application.

Everyday Nude Lipstick: When it comes to having a shade to always rely on mine has to be a good nude, which tbf is probably most peoples. A nice neutral shade is always an essential to have right? My two favourite products right now which I pretty much use everyday is the Bourjois Velvet Bullet Lipstick in Hey Nude. It’s real beige toned nude which is compliments my skin tone and is wearable with anything! If I fancy adding a little more glam then I will then apply my Kylie Cosmetics Damn Gina Lip-gloss on top to give it a bit more of a sultry kick.

*This post was kindly gifted by Radley London however all opinions are my own

So there we have it girls and boys. A simple little roundup of what I like to carry day-to-day with me! What bits can’t you leave home without?

Tash x

Author: Natasha Todd