My Spring Sunglasses Collection

Here’s a little confession. I like to use Sunglasses as a security blanket when it comes to my outfit posts. Admittedly, I am not the most confident in front of the camera at the best of times. However take away my sunglasses and I will shrink into the shadows like a skulking alley cat. Concealing myself behind a pair of shades has become my go-to when it comes to my fashion posts, even when there is no sun to be seen (which essentially is pretty much every day at the moment due to a real lack in any signs of Spring).

Whether it be because a pair of circular ray bans really sets off the winona ryder vibe I’m massively trying (and ultimately failing) to give off. Or because quite simply I had one too many G&Ts last night and I really need the world to not see my face. A pair of sunglasses can really help a girl out when she’s trying to get a good old outfit shot.

I gave my wardrobe a little Spring update a few weeks back which involved the removal of Six bin bags full of old clothes. Six may sound a lot however I am a serial clothes hoarder and some of these items had been lurking inside my wardrobe for at least 5 years so as you can imagine it was well overdue. It’s so refreshing having a clear out and it meant I had a little more room to buy a few more staple pieces for the new season. Hello new H&M cream paperbag trousers which you will now be seeing in every instagram post for the foreseeable future. Sorry!

Along with the update to my clothes also came an update to my Sunglasses ready for Spring. So here’s little look at what my favourite styles of shade will be this season.

Edgy and Oversized

A pair of oversized sunglasses instantly whisks me away to the idealisms of walking down the beaches of Southern France (I’ve never been but dream with me here). There’s just an element of Glamour that comes along with a pair of rather large – takes up 75% of you face – sunnies. My favourite pair in this style of my collection are the Ultimate Collections Raven Sunglasses which have the most gorgeous creamy brown frame. The lenses are slightly tinted so in some lights it does look like I have reading glasses on (shout out to the girl who tried to call me out on instagram about this) but I can assure you they are just a edgier style of sunglasses.

Outlandish Shapes

The slim cateye style has been infiltrating the fashion/blogging scene for a few months and I decided it was highly about time for me to get my hands on a few pairs. Slightly worried that the slim shaped designs might not suit my face I decided to play it safe and go for some affordable pairs. Luckily Amazon had my back (although I mean, when does it not)  with some cheap but really funky designs. My favourite pair at the moment are the metal framed oval slim sunnies, sometimes I look like an alien other times I look kinda vibing. What’s not to love about a 50/50 chance of potentially looking hilarious.

Fanciful Half Frames

Last up is my favourite out of all my shady trends right now – the half frame Sunglasses. Another recent discovery from within the depths of Amazon I found this pair for a reasonable £8. I love the perched nose effect you get with these styles. As if you are Dumbledore with his half moon spectacles perched on the end of his nose as he gazes intently at you. This is not excerption from the book but it kinda sounds like it is right. 

Ultimate Collections Oversized* | Amazon Slim Oval | Amazon Slim Cat Eye | Amazon Half Eye | Zara White Oval

What are your favourite styles and trends for this Spring? Let me know below!

Tash x

Author: Natasha Todd