Polkadots In The Spring


Hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous in the UK this week so here’s fingers crossed that is stays this warm over the weekend. I mean, after all, this really is the weather we deserve.

With said beautiful heatwave in mind I thought it was high time to bring you a little chit chat post about an item I recently purchased from the queen of budget friendly stores, Primark. My blog post styles have been subject to a little change recently as I have been experimenting with exactly how I would like to present my blog. When I first started out in blogging over two years ago I wasn’t quite sure what direction my blog would go. Would I focus mainly on beauty or would I be brave enough to become a predominantly fashion and travel based blogger. It’s taken a while, and much like my photography style and editing I do feel like I am coming into my own in regards to my posts.

Ultimately the end goal one day will be able to post regularly enough on here to create a variant of post topics. I would love my blog to be something that has an engaging mixture of fun and light hearted posts and also thought provoking well written posts too (not sure how well I will fair on the well written part though but we’ll give it a go ay).

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Today I am going for a little diary style entry I feel as it’s a Friday, we are excited for the weekend and the sun is shining. So what better way to start the weekend with a little cheerful post on this springs favourite trend right now, polkadots. As with every popular fashion trend to hit the streets, instagram has seen an influx of cute polka dot tea dresses and I for one sure ain’t mad about it. Keen to get a little something spotty and dotty for my own wardrobe I ventured into Primark a couple of weekends back to see if I could find something to suit my budget. We are currently moving house at the moment so I am trying (note: trying) to refrain from any unnecessary expenditures. Low and behold Primark did not let me down with this polkadot peplum number for £6. Now if that isn’t budget friendly then I don’t know what is.

Whilst browsing away I did also manage to find another £6.00 bargain in the form of these mustard yellow slingbacks. Very comfortable and adds a nice bold block colour to any outfit, which I love. Having never actually owned a pair of yellow shoes before I decided it was truly about time. Plus in another story, I also came close to not owning them just last weekend when I dropped one of them on the street in London. I was ambling along down the road when I felt a tap on my shoulder (to which I let out a half scream because I am a jumpy sod) and a lady stood there with my shoe in hand. She was kindly letting me know that it had fallen out of my bag further back down the road. Thank goodness for nice people!

Peplum Shirt (In Store) / Slingback Shoes (In Store)  /  Baker Boy Hat – Topshop / White Paperbag Trousers (Shop similar)

The sun is out (um, have I mentioned that yet) and the clock is ticking down to the sweet hour of 5pm. The taste of leaving work for the weekend is hanging in the air much like the haze of pollen which has been infiltrating my sinuses recently and playing havoc with my hayfever. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and enjoys this weather as it like blummin goldust here in the UK!

Tash x

Author: Natasha Todd