A New Direction

July 9, 2018

Without meaning to point out the obvious, it seems that I have become a little behind schedule when it comes to blogging. And to be quite frank the most honest way of defining why that is, is simply because I have become lazy. But more importantly I’ve also become uninspired. Not uninspired by the general industry or anything like that. But more by my own content. I have recently fallen completely out of love with my creative process and the final results of my content.

A problem I have always been encumbered with is being a perfectionist. If the end result isn’t perfect then it will niggle me until I decide I must pick at it until I’m happy. In the blogging industry there isn’t as much room as I’d like to be able to do this. Time passes quickly and bloggers are pumping out posts and content on a daily basis. There isn’t time to be picky and spend hours rewriting and editing a post when you’re trying to keep up with the fast track timescale of blogging.

I worried that if each post that makes it live on to the blog isn’t utterly enthralling to read then my content isn’t going to be good enough to draw people in. I’ve been so blindsided by what I ‘think’ people want that I’ve lost focus on what I really began this blog for. To create a visually immersive website for people to enjoy fashion and lifestyle content and everything else in between. When I myself go to read someone’s blogs there are always key things I personally look out for. I want to be visually pleased. Imagery is important to me. I enjoy easy to read posts which are light but also engaging. Whether it be short or snappy or a relatable think piece, I enjoy all kinds of posts as long as they are naturally captivating.

In the past I seemed to think that for my blog posts to be the ‘captivating’ they needed to basically be a bleedin’ literature essay. 3000 word articles which were structured with introductions and conclusions. I enjoyed writing during my journalism course and wanted to reflect what I had learnt from university into my blog. However it’s only recently I have realised this is an absolute fun sucker and not necessary at all. And I do think this has been a factor of why I have become so lazy and uninspired with my blog. I had begun to feel like every blog post I wrote would be long and in depth enough to be a feature in the Sunday Telegraph. It was taking too much time and effort to post regularly because of how time consuming writing just one post was.


Shirt – Nobody’s Child

Trousers – H&M (Old)

Sunglasses – Primark

Shoes – Vans

Because at the end of the day this is the culture we now live in. Fast everything. Fast fashion. Fast news. Fast blogging. People want to know the facts straight away without having to wade through a tunnel of shit to be so bluntly honest. This doesn’t mean there doesn’t have to be a story. That we can’t weave intricate details into our posts to let our readers know there is a personality behind the blank screen. But it’s more about finding the balance so that someone can dive into your article without having to duck out 3 paragraphs in because they’re not interested in what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner that day when all they came here for was to find out ‘How I edit my Instagram photos’.

So now it is time to let go of everything I have practised over the past few years of blogging and begin a new path. It’s time to let go of the pretence that every post has to be a 3000 word think piece even if it’s just about what my favourite hand cream is. It’s time to put to bed the ideas that I have to create content on how I think everyone else does it. But rather instead, finding a happy medium of content I will enjoy producing whilst also hoping people enjoy it. I hope over the next few months you will enjoy more varied content which will cover not just fashion but a bit more of bite size beauty, travel, lifestyle and music pieces. My end goal is to create essentially an online magazine which encapsulates tips and bits paired with (hopefully) fun visual aesthetics.

If you’ve stuck by me through my indecisiveness over the past year of where my blog was going then thank you!  

All my love


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