24 hrs in our Edinburgh Apartment

After what can only be perceived as one of the busiest months of my year (or maybe life…) it was with open and rather eager arms that I welcomed in a short city break to Edinburgh this month. With the beginnings of a brand new job, plus weddings and festivals filling the weekends. Though July has been an exciting time it also been quite draining. The idea of 5 days of just me and Ollie left to our own devices discovering all the wonders of Scotland’s capital left me more than looking forward to some time away to just, breathe. As I’ve recently claimed that I wanted my website to become more of a visually content based hub for all my adventures and loves. I thought the best place to start in regards to my trip was a collection of snaps from the wonderful apartment we had the pleasure of staying in whilst away.

The Kingsford Residence describes itself as a luxury rental concept, perfect for someone who is looking for all the home comforts with services similar to a hotel. For many years Ollie and I have always tried to be money savvy and find bargain friendly places to stay wherever we go. However, this year we decided we deserved a little treat. We both have settled into new jobs alongside simultaneously moving into a new home all within the space of a couple of months. So a little bit of ‘treat yoself’ mentality was on the mind. It’s certainly not the most expensive place you can stay in Edinburgh (especially as we found quite a good deal on booking.com) but it was nice to stay somewhere just a little more swanky then our usual digs.

I think the pictures speak for themselves in terms of the presentation of the apartments. They are large, clean and bright living spaces which mixed Edwardian era styles with modern contemporary furniture. There was an abundance of storage space for all your wardrobe needs alongside the comfiest bed. And I am talking the kind of bed that makes you want to cry tears of joy you’re so damn comfy. I will admit the first five minutes of each days bedtime was spent wriggling and exclaiming with delight as I cocooned myself into a little cushioned pocket of Heaven. Not to mention the apartment came with air con so we had the luxury of sweat free nights during this freak heatwave that even Scotland has been able to enjoy. The bedroom itself was based on a mezzanine floor which was pretty cool whenever one of us had forgotten something the other person could just throw said item over balcony . Or it also could be handy for reenactments of certain scenes from Romeo and Juliet…*cough* not that we did that *cough*

Though not photographed, the living space also came with a kitchen which was kitted out with all our needs. Fridge, sink, hobs and oven were all there for our use. Plus there were plenty of quirks which came along with the apartments too. A handy little Nespresso machine (for that awful 05:30am start we had one morning), an art deco inspired communal lounge room and a rooftop garden complete with sun loungers ready for one to catch some serious rays in this blazing heat. Our stay was relaxing and stress free and for the affordable price of £100 per night we were able to enjoy a really really good nights sleep and the luxuries of feeling right at home all whilst only being a ten minute walk from the City Centre.

Part two of all our adventures around Edinburgh coming soon…

Author: Natasha Todd