Settling In To Our New Home

You may have seen in my numerous Instagram captions about hating packing and unpacking, that Ollie and I moved house this year.  Around the end of May we finally packed our bags and moved across Ipswich to a little town house in the centre. It was a long time coming tbh, for as much as we loved our old house – there was something about it that just never really felt like home.

So we boxed all our life up and downsized into a little two bed. Foolishly when we first moved in together we thought we wanted a three bed house so we could have room for an office and a spare room. However in hindsight the abundance of space made it so hard to create a homely feel. It’s been nearly 4 months now since the move and our new house is slowly but surely coming together.

One of the most important aspects for our home was to have an uncluttered space. I find when things pile up and clutter it makes me feel restless and I hoped to avoid anything that resembled this. Therefore I wanted to create lots of minimal curated spots around our house filled with the things we love. We are avid Twin Peak fans so one particular shelf in our house has definitely been dedicated to David Lynch’s wonderful creation.

Another thing we both also both share a love for are Vinyl Records. We luckily share tastes for artists like Roy Orbison & Neil Diamond and these gents sound fab playing on an old crackly vinyl. My aim was to create a little corner for our record player to sit and play which could not only be heard whilst relaxing on the sofa but also around the house too. Fortunately our living room and dining room are open plan so the corner that sits between the two made perfect use for this. The corner was seriously missing something though. For the past few months my record player has sat there, lonely on its little stepladder with just a blank space behind it. We needed to add some character to the area and the best way we decided to do this was with some lovely Desenio Prints. I’ve been a fan of this brand for a long time now, with a few pieces under my belt which sit in our current office/spare room. Picking some more pieces from Desenio was therefore the easiest of tasks as we love so many of their items!

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Together (because otherwise Ollie say’s I end up picking lots of ‘me’ things which aren’t to his taste) we decided on some lineart, a lovely naked shadowed lady (surprisingly my pick not his) and a large landscape piece. I have a real thing for shadowed pictures at the moment so I fell instantly in love with the naked lady (talking about the picture here still btw). We popped one of the lineart pictures on the wall above the record player and it’s completely transformed the space. We are so happy it now looks complete! The landscape picture sits in our dining room and really works well with our slightly monochrome decor shelves too. 

So there we have it! A first glimpse into our new home, and hopefully it won’t be the last either! Hope you enjoyed!

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Frame: 70 x 100This post was kindly sponsored by Desenio, however all words are my own. 

Author: Natasha Todd