The Daisy London Chakra Collection

Am I Happy?

It’s something I like to ponder most evenings whilst I pedal the 5 mile cycle ride from work back to my little home on the hill as the sun begins to lower itself on another day.

What makes me happy? What are the integral little factors of my life that ultimately contribute to my overall happiness? I like to scrutinise and dissect over these elements. Taking my time to figure out which are important and which are just fickle ingredients which ultimately won’t be needed in the recipe to create the ‘utmost’ happiness.

Sometimes my over analytical self can obstruct the truth however and all it takes is an outside person to ask the same question before you realise the answer.

Are you happy? Yes, I am.

Because when you strip away all the materialistic idealism’s that this world can often throw at you and you focus on the fundamentals of what happiness really can be. Then you see clearly that a happy well being is a lot more attainable then you once thought. I’ve learnt that for me, my happiness lay in just finding a healthy positive balance in everything I do. This year I worked hard to build up a career path for myself and this was one of the most satisfactory steps I’ve taken in a long while as it felt like I’d finally given myself some direction. To work on a career, blog and personal life at the same time however can be draining and so seeking the balance between working hard and self care has been essential.

I tend to let the feeling of guilt drag me back. Guilt because I feel like I haven’t utilised my spare time enough. Guilt that my Sunday morning should be spent guzzling down a strong coffee as I string together the words for my next blog post. Not spent dozing in bed until half 10 when you suddenly realise, shit that’s half the morning gone and I’m still in my PJ’s (Christmas coca-cola pyjamas in case your wondering but your totally probably not). Until recently I would berate myself for wasting time I could have used to be productive. But then it occurred to me that these moments in which I felt like I wanted to do nothing are simply because my body is crying out to relax. And that to me is where I’ve finally found some real contentment in my day-to-day life. The balance between working hard and feeling a sense of direction but also taking time to enjoy spontaneous moments like drinking until 4am on a Saturday with friends and then lying on the sofa debilitated the next day by a deadly hangover covered in Dorito crumbs, yet not feeling guilty for doing so.

I’ve recently learnt about the spiritual concept of Chakras, derived from ancient Indian cultures and how they believe we have 7 points in our bodies designed for the flow of positive energy. Each point across our body represents certain types of energy such as love, intuition, communication and self confidence. Though perhaps I won’t be practising any hardcore Chakra based treatments anytime soon, I really do believe in the concept of self care and focusing on wellness and positive energy within yourself. Though it’s not easy to be positive about everything in life, I mean we’ve all had some curve balls thrown at us right, the times when we can inject a little positivity are definitely the better times.

Daisy Jewellery have designed many beautiful Women’s Necklaces¬†some of which are around the concept of the Chakra belief, one of their first key pieces being the Original Chakra Bracelet. Since then they have centred several of their designs on being wellness focused and using their items to represent the numerous symbols which can be found within this spiritual belief.¬† The necklace I chose for myself from the collection was this stunning Aura Chakra Necklace which really suits my minimal style. It’s meaning is to find a sense of place and direction which is something I myself feel like I’m finally finding this year and so it seemed like the perfect choice! Shop the necklace here.

Until next time. x



Author: Natasha Todd