Hitting Winter in my Favourite New Coat

Well hello drop in temperature by about TWENTY DEGREES. I would like to say I wasn’t expecting it but unfortunately we all were really.

I could take this time to complain about how cold it is at the moment, but I wont for two *in my opinion* very valid reasons. Which I will outline for you below in a PowerPoint presentation. No just kidding, but I have numbered them so please appreciate my effort here…

One – I watched the latest episode of Dynasties on Sunday and distinctly remember claiming to Ollie that I would never complain of the cold ever again. The Emperor Penguin is the only species to live on the ice in Antarctica during the winter months (whilst there’s no sun) and faces conditions of up to -60 degree wind chills. Yes that’s right. MINUS 60.

Two – Secondly. Although I miss the warmer days of the summer, there is something I do really love about layering up and walking around all cosy and snug feeling like a bug in a rug. I love the feeling of coming home and curling up under a blanket on the sofa with the candles burning away. 

Layering up and feeling snug is what brings us to this post today. For I have found the cuddliest, snuggliest, warmest jacket that ever did grace my wardrobe, and I felt it was important to share this with you all. I’ve recently been wearing this jacket a lot more thanks to the colder days and after several exclamations from friends of ‘oh you feel so soft’ and ‘ahh it’s like hugging a giant teddy’ I decided it was only fair to share my new found love of Teddy Jackets. Last year I hunted high and low for a nice little shearling jacket which would stand out from the crowd. Though there were definitely a few lovely options I couldn’t quite find the ‘one’. This year however this all changed in the form of this Miss Selfridge rust coloured number. The shearling is so thick you could easily be mistaken for a walking cloud, albeit a brown cloud but humour me here. I can safely say that this coat will be seeing me through to the Spring months, so please don’t mind the influx of photos of it on my Instagram, I know not what I do!

If this rust colour gem is not your thing though I’ve added a few other gorgeous teddy jackets out on the market now for your perusal. Just in time for Black Friday ‘ay!

*This jacket was kindly gifted however all opinions are my own


All my love x

Author: Natasha Todd